The Sweet Spirit of MTNA 2017 in Pictures

Thank you to all who attended the ComposeCreate meet-up at MTNA 2017! I really can’t begin to describe how sweet the spirit was in the teachers who were there! There were over 100 teachers who RSVP’d and over 115 teachers who showed up for the event! There was talking, laughing lots of beautiful and delicious complimentary desserts, and sharing of wonderfully creative ideas!

Thank You!

If you were at the event, I hope you sensed how grateful I am for each of you. And if you were not, please know that that I could never do what I do as much as I do it with YOU! Thank you for being a loyal supporter of my music and the ComposeCreate community!

ComposeCreate Meet Up and Desserts

Here are some of the pictures of our lovely ComposeCreate community of teachers. Thank you for all who attended and made it the highlight of my trip! I hope you enjoyed the desserts and felt how grateful I am for all of you!

More Pictures of MTNA 2017