The Soggy Sonatina

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This modern-sounding, 21st Century sonatina was commissioned by the Katy Music Teachers Association and features all kinds of special effects!


The Soggy Sonatina is a modern piano sonatina that was commissioned by the Katy Music Teachers Association in Katy, Texas. Three movements are featured in this sonatina and include:

  • Springs and Sprinkles – features sonata form complete with two glissandos and a magnificently impressive ending!
  • View From the Canoe – a very lyrical, calm movement with enough ease to help your students learn voicing and beautiful nuance. This movement is in minuet and trio form.
  • Snakin’ Through the Bayou – Lots of options are open on this movement! Students can snap instead of using their RH in some places, or even invite a friend to snap in places while they play. It also feature a place where students can hiss like a snake if they’d like (optional of course). Lots of creative ways to perform this movement!

Purchase the studio license of The Soggy Sonatina for unlimited reproductions!

If you purchase the printed sheet music, you can only use it for one student. But if you purchase the studio license of The Soggy Sonatina, you’ll get a license to make as many prints of all three movements for as many students as you ever teach! It’s like getting an unlimited supply of a sonatina that you know your students will love!

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5 reviews for The Soggy Sonatina

  1. Karne Thomasson

    My 10 year old student performed 2 of the 3 movements of Soggy Sonatina for our December Recital. She has loved it from the beginning and did a good job on it. Not only that, but my 11 year old student exclaimed: “I love that piece, I want to do that, too.” Success!

  2. Emily Laney

    Your compositions have been so well-received in my studio this fall. I started two 6th graders as beginners and they loved The Bold Escape and Savannah Stalk (actually had people rather arguing over who could play it at recital!) and the lovely View from a Canoe (the second movement from The Soggy Sonatina).

  3. Kay Kidd

    At last, a piece for a student who so wanted to play something fast, but has difficulty with that. She played this with ease, and just can’t get enough of Springs and Sprinkles. Now she’ll start learning the others.

  4. Melissa Toedtman

    The Soggy Sonatina , esp. the Snake movt. 3 and Buzzer Beater has lit a fire under one of the most taciturn 11 year olds I’ve ever taught in all my 50 years of teaching.

  5. Susan

    I love the way the water colors change with the use of petaling in part 1
    Then glide so gracefully with the canoe part 2
    The snake is in part 3 absolutely smirking jive

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