Prairie Creek Sunrise


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Prairie Creek Sunrise offers mature students an easy piece with beautiful and sophisticated sound.


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Prairie Creek Sunrise is the third in a series of elementary pieces written for the older or more mature piano student. This serene and tranquil piece is full of beauty and is an excellent way of encouraging sensitive playing. The piece is in a comfortable position and though it explores different parts of the piano, it does so in a simple way that’s easy to remember.

This “In Beautiful Places” currently includes Prairie Creek Sunrise, By the Blue-green Bay, and In Miller’s Meadow and all of these are fantastic choices for the older beginner, teens, adults, or any students who love beautiful music.

Features of Prairie Creek Sunrise

Prairie Creek Sunrise are in familiar positions, but they are not the usual “middle C” or C position. Students’ hands sit in D position for some of the piece and then a modified middle C position in others. The piece is very easy to play, even for students struggling with hands together playing. This is because the piece never has two notes play at once yet it’s beautiful and very mature sounding.

All accidentals are written in, so there is no key signature.

The smallest note value is the quarter note. The entire piece contains only quarter, half, and whole notes.

There are only four pedal changes, making it easy even for a student who has never played with the damper pedal before.

The “In Beautiful Places” Series

In Beautiful Places piano series - Prairie Creek Sunrise, In Miller's Meadow, By the Blue-Green Bay

Prairie Creek Sunrise is the third in the “In Beautiful Places” series. The seed of this series was planted upon the creation of Up Sandy Ripple Road which was inspired by the critically acclaimed author, Wendell Berry. If you love this pieces, you’ll also love these pieces:

Note: Up Sandy Ripple Road is only available as a print since it is published by Willis Piano Music. So we’re excited to be able to bring you a new series of these “In Beautiful Places” pieces available as a studio license this time.

Who will enjoy Prairie Creek Sunrise

We’ve heard from all ages of students about these pieces, so it’s appropriate for any age. But we’ve heard from many adults and teens who are loving these pieces and that’s exactly for whom they were written!

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4 reviews for Prairie Creek Sunrise

  1. Valerie

    My 13 year old loves this piece. This sophisticated sound lured her back to the bench to practice. Thanks Wendy! It is beautiful with surprising harmonic interest without increasing the difficulty level. 🙂

  2. Susan

    Thank you so much Wendy !! We absolutely LOVE Prairie Creek Sunrise and it’s a hit with all of my adult students and teenagers. Everyone needs to drop what they are doing and get it immediately. This will be going into my Pupil Saver Repertoires list 🙂 One of the adult student immediately shouted out “Yay it’s another Wendy Stevens piece!!” Thanks for keeping our students engaged and play a piece that truly gives them joy to practice and perform.

  3. Cathy

    This piece is a total winner. Since purchasing it, I’ve assigned it to 6 students. Two are young students, two are adults, and the others are tweens or teens. EVERYONE loves it. It is a beautiful experience from the very beginning with the gorgeous artwork. The adult students can’t believe they get to play such a mature, artistic piece so early in their study, and the parent of one of my young students actually had tears in her eyes when I played it for them! Everyone loves it and I love being able to discuss musical imagery, phrase shape, memorizing techniques, pedal, etc. etc. Thank you, Wendy – it’s an amazing addition to my teaching repertoire.

  4. Sarah from Seattle

    This is such a beautiful, accessible piece!

    I love connecting with my students around the beauty in music and expressive playing. This piece is a great tool to access these skills! It’s a touch long for younger beginners at 4 pages. However, for an 11-year-old 1st year student, it’s been a lovely challenge. She was hesitant to try a longer piece until she heard it and saw the music. She’s learned it in record time, and is ahead of schedule at memorizing it for an upcoming adjudication. I look forward to teaching this again!

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