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Your beginning piano students will love this easy Rote and Reading™ arrangement of Jolly Old St. Nicholaus that moves them all over the piano in a fun and easy way!

Holiday Rote and Reading Holiday Piano Pieces by Level - Away in a Manger Rote and Reading + Jingle Bells Rote and Reading + Jolly Old St. Nicholaus | #piano #holiday #easy #christmas #pianopedagogy #pianoteaching

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Studio Use License – This comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


This Rote and Reading® Jolly Old St. Nicholaus arrangement is going to wow your early level students and their audience! The piece is easy to play (using finger numbers and diagramed keyboards) and has the student moving all over the piano. But the movements are all very easy, patterned, and understandable to even young students.

The Level of Jolly Old St. Nicholaus

This arrangement is early elementary. It is from the Rote and Reading® series which enables even your youngest students to play it. The piece is on the black keys and includes keyboard diagrams so students know exactly where to place their hands. Notes can be played by finger number. In addition, no 8vas are used so that students can easily see the direction of notes as well.

Piano students explore the entire piano in easy patterns.

What is a Studio License?

Jolly Old St. Nicholaus is available as a studio license which means that you only have to purchase it one time, and you are then licensed to print as many prints as you need for yourself or any beginning student you directly teach! It’s like getting an unlimited supply of a piece since you never have to pay for it again, plus there is no shipping. You get the Jolly Old St. Nick PDF and bonus mp3 in your email within minutes of your purchase.

Free Bonus Recordings

Jolly Old St. Nick also comes with free mp3 recordings so that students can listen to the music at home and remember how the piece is to be played. You are granted permission to share these 2 files with your students that are learning the piece.

Other Rote and Reading® Holiday Pieces

holiday rote and reading piano piecesWe have a number of fun and “big” sounding holiday pieces that are in the Holiday Rote and Reading® collection. You can get this special Rote and Reading® Holiday Bundle which includes:

3 reviews for Jolly Old St. Nicholaus – Rote and Reading®

  1. Robin Steinweg

    (delighted scream) “This is so cool!” That’s my student talking. Here’s me: “That is SO COOL!” 😉 You’ve done it again, Wendy. Thank you for this piece that is going to make my earliest student sound like a pro!

  2. Vanessa

    Thanks for a great piece to make my brand new pre-teen (2 months of lessons) feel like a superstar! She loves it and is totally looking forward to playing it at our upcoming recital.

  3. Rhonda

    My new student Spencer was adamant that he didn’t want to play in the Christmas recital–until I put this piece in front of him. He comes for piano right after karate and usually shows up still wearing his gi. He attacked this piece like he attacks his opponent in karate, and loves, loves, loves it. He’s now excited about his upcoming recital–his first of many, I hope. Thanks Wendy for such great arrangements for our kids.

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