Black Key Jingle Bells – Rote and Reading®


Your beginning piano students will love this easy and big-sounding Black Key Jingle Bells from our Rote and Reading® collection.


holiday rote and reading piano pieces

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This Black Key Jingle Bells is a welcome addition to pre-reading music for beginning piano students. This Rote and Reading® piece teaches students to move easily around the keyboard and gives them a big and more advanced sound than most early level black key pieces.

The Level of this Black Key Jingle Bells

This arrangement is early elementary. It is from the Rote and Reading® series which enables even your youngest students to play it. Students can read by finger number on the black keys and the picture of the keyboard shows students where to place their hands. The left hand thumb is placed on a white key, but this is very easy for the student to see because of the picture and the left hand thumb falls naturally on that key anyway.

The introduction and ending of this piece are written on the staff so that teachers can easily understand what the students are to play. But these pages are intended to be taught by rote. The main “jingle bells” music is written off the staff and intended to be read by finger numbers.

What is a Studio License?

This Black Key Jingle Bells is available as a studio license which means that you only have to purchase it one time and then you can print and use it for as many students as you directly teach. It’s like getting an unlimited supply of a piece since you never have to pay for it again, plus there is no shipping. You get the Black Key Jingle Bells PDF and bonus mp3 in your email within minutes of your purchase.

Free Bonus Recording of Black Key Jingle Bells

Black Key Jingle Bells also comes with a free mp3 recording so that students can listen to the music at home and remember how the piece is to be played. You are granted permission to share this mp3 file with your students that are learning the piece.

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