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Jingle Bells Rote and Reading® is a fun pattern-based piece that makes elementary level students sound more mature and accomplished!

Holiday Rote and Reading Holiday Piano Pieces by Level - Away in a Manger Rote and Reading + Jingle Bells Rote and Reading + Jolly Old St. Nicholaus | ComposeCreate.com #piano #holiday #easy #christmas #pianopedagogy #pianoteaching

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This Jingle Bells Rote and Reading® piece is designed for beginning piano students. The main Jingle Bells tune can be easily read as it’s in C position. And the introduction and the ending can be easily taught by rote! Jingle Bells Rote and Reading is pattern-based and very easy to teach.

An idea about how to teach Jingle Bells Rote and Reading®

Here are some tips for teaching Jingle Bells Rote and Reading® to young students, though it can be used for any age. I tried this out with my own daughter the other day and got fabulous results (I’m using the name Trixie for privacy issues)!

“Hey, Trixie, are you good at patterns?”

“Yes!” Trixie says nodding her head with an excited glimmer in her eyes.

“Can you repeat this pattern back to me?” I then made up an easy pattern “1 2 3 1 2 3 1.” She did it easily. “Okay, how about this one? 1122112” Easy peasy.

“Okay, now here’s the hard one. Here’s the big test. Are you ready?” I’m playing into her desire to be “competent” as you learned in the Have You Forgotten What It’s Like to be a Child? workshop.

“Here’s the pattern: 1 2 3 4 | 1 2 3 4 | 1 2 3 1” Trixie easily repeats this pattern back to me. I ask her to do it one more time to make sure she knows it.

Then I tell her that we’re going to play one of her other pieces right now and then come back and see if she can remember it in a few minutes. Trixie’s excited eyes tell me that she has accepted the challenge! We do another piece and even talk about other things and then I ask,

“Do you remember the pattern I taught you?” She says yes and accurately repeats it back to me.

“Now guess what! That’s all you need to learn the pattern for this cool new Jingle Bells piece.” I then show her that the first 1 2 3 4 is played with a G and the next 1 2 3 4 is played with an A and then back to G and then A for the last 1. [It’s much easier to show than use words.]

We then practiced the little pattern and she got it right away!

What was funny though was that every day after that, my daughter has randomly walked up to me, looked into my eyes with a gleaming smile and blurted out, “1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 1!” She was sooo proud that she could remember the complicated pattern that she can’t help but remind me every day that she’s got it!

Obviously the main part of the composition where the Jingle Bells tune is located is in C position. And because it’s a familiar tune, students can usually get this even if they are just learning it. The only time the hands play together are repeated notes, so they are very easy to do, but contribute to a full sounding piece.

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Holiday Rote and Reading Holiday Piano Pieces by Level - Away in a Manger Rote and Reading + Jingle Bells Rote and Reading + Jolly Old St. Nicholaus | ComposeCreate.com #piano #holiday #easy #christmas #pianopedagogy #pianoteaching

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14 reviews for Jingle Bells – Rote and Reading®

  1. Cheryl

    A great piece! Fun for lots of different levels

  2. Natalia

    This is easy and fun for my students!

  3. Tamara Highsmith

    This has been a great piece for my beginners. I have a new 12-year-old student who wants to play in the upcoming holiday recital, but doesn’t want to sound like such a beginner. This piece has been a perfect fit for him! He is so excited to work on it at every lesson. And, it is helping me introduce different hand positions, etc. Since working on this piece, his natural curiosity has challenged him to want to learn those higher (and lower) notes on staff! I purchased the song to provide a fun supplemental holiday piece. The unexpected teaching extensions have been wonderful!

  4. Bernadette

    A great arrangement, very achievable for the early player. My students have loved it! Thank you

  5. WK

    Love this arrangement! Fun and easy for beginners.

  6. Karen Hesterly

    I love that Wendy writes pieces that move all over the keyboard. Wendy really understands the beginner students desire to look like an artist at the piano. You would think playing something an octave or two higher would be easy for kids– just find the same notes. It looks easy to us teachers but it is a challenge for some. Some students with a couple of years of piano still have trouble finding keys if they aren’t in the middle of the piano so this gets them out of their comfort zone. I taught a group the arpeggio by wrote before I even handed out the piece so when we got to that part they just flew through it. I would love to see more pieces like this for my teens who don’t have the time or motivation to practice so they can get excited about what they are playing. This is a fun arrangement of one of Christmas’s most popular songs.

  7. Glenda

    This is a delightful piece. My young student looked at it and said, “This looks hard”. I proceeded to introduce it as Wendy suggests and he learned the song in one week. He enjoys playing it for his family and will be playing it at his Christmas recital.

  8. Christy Kimball

    What a hoot! The opening and closing are so much fun to teach – students get a real kick out of it. Playing with both hands isn’t easy to do as a beginner, but Wendy’s composing style makes it work for everyone, even students who have some learning disabilities. It is so attractive to listen to that my students have worked hard to learn it well. I have many versions of “Jingle Bells” but this is my favorite.

  9. Louise Frye

    One of my students is really enjoying Jingle Bells and has learned it very quickly!

  10. Elizabeth

    This arrangement of Jingle Bells is a huge hit with all my children – even some older ones. They are instantly attracted to it and think it very difficult when I play it to them, so are surprised and pleased to find it actually much easier than it sounds when we look at the patterns in there and start learning to play it. Very cleverly crafted and brilliant for getting them wanting to go the piano and do some practice.

  11. Michelle Baylor

    An easy-to-learn yet musically satisfying option for beginning students. Especially nice for older beginners who want a “big” sound quickly. Wendy’s teaching suggestions are especially helpful.

  12. Laura Rogers

    Wendy’s arrangements are such a big hit in my studio. They make everyone sound like a more advanced student than they are! I taught this Jingle Bells by rote to a couple of struggling learners, and a couple of my older beginners were able to read it. The students loved it because it sounds big and is fun to play.

  13. Tara

    My student adores this arrangement! She struggles with reading, but I find that she is very proud of herself when she does read, and even though she was a little intimidated because this looked hard to her, once she tried playing it, she was super excited. I taught it to her with the patterns like Wendy suggests, and she did amazing playing and remembering it — even when we had to miss for two weeks because her household was sick!
    Thank you, Wendy, for fun, showy arrangements that make my students feel proud of themselves! 🙂


    A lovely enjoyable piece, easy to learn. Fun to play!

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