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This peaceful Deck the Hall intermediate piano arrangement will be a breath a fresh air in the busy holiday season.

Holiday Piano Music by Level: Deck the Hall and O Christmas Tree Intermediate Bundle

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This Deck the Hall intermediate piano arrangement is full of beautiful harmonies and a relaxing, soothing sound. This setting brings you the warmth of Christmas without all the stress. It brings you those “hot cocoa, sitting around the fire” moments we have around Christmas.

Level of Deck the Hall Intermediate

The piece fits easily in the hands and is not full of octaves or other difficult-to-play passages.

Deck the Hall intermediate has a mature and relaxes sound and is perfect for the maturing pianist. It features:

  • Interesting harmonies
  • Easy key changes: F Major, D Major and back to F Major
  • Easy to play – great for small hands and a big heart
  • A mature sound

Deck the Hall intermediate, elementary, and advanced

Deck the Hall Intermediate and Elementary arrangements available on!We also have elementary and advanced arrangements of Deck the Hall available in the ComposeCreate store! Both of these are lively and energetic, so this serene Deck the Hall intermediate setting is a breath of fresh air! Check out the other Deck the Hall arrangements:

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21 reviews for Deck the Hall Intermediate

  1. Danielle McElroy

    Really lovely arrangement. Sophisticated sound but super easy to play. Great for small hands that cannot comfortably reach octaves yet. Students of any age would love this piece, whether kids or adults.

  2. Carol DuBe NCTM

    I love how Wendy puts together familiar carols in an untraditional way! This appeals to my older students who want to perform a carol that they know and like but it doesn’t sound like another student’s performance. This appeals to my students who like to play “Deck the Halls” at a slower tempo. Thanks Wendy! Such great arrangements in these bundles!

  3. Nancy Repass

    What a beautiful arrangement of a familiar Carol. Students always want to play one that they know. This one is easy to play but sounds difficult enough that they are proud of themselves when they perform it. Thank you Wendy once again for a great piece!!

  4. Susan Toadvine

    This piece is so peaceful! Even though the original song is joyous and celebratory in nature, I enjoy playing it slowly and contemplatively. I love the tiny little bridge which sounds like “The Holly and the Ivy.” What a beautiful piece to add to my collection!

  5. Amy Pennington

    Wendy’s arrangements are always fantastic, and this is no exception. I look forward to sharing it with my students this year.

  6. Kristi Negri

    I love the lushness in this piece. I’ve put a copy in my stack of personal Christmas music so I can play for myself and family over the holidays. It’s a very satisfying piece, if you know what I mean by that. The first day I printed it, I had to restrain myself during one of my lessons with an adult. It wasn’t even Halloween and I wanted to give it to her, because I know she’s going to love it. Thanks, Wendy, for continuing to share your talents.

  7. Debra Pointer

    My intermediate students want to play familiar carols, but with unusual and sophisticated arrangements. Wendy does not disappoint with this arrangement of a favorite carol. The timing and flow is catchy and so very inviting.The key changes and wonderful modulations are musically appealing and make the piece so enjoyable to play. I appreciate Wendy’s notations, well-thought out scripting, clef changes and providing compositions for students with smaller hands. During the first full week of November my students select their Christmas holiday pieces and I know my intermediate students will love this arrangement. What makes this especially nice is the studio license option Wendy offers to teachers.

  8. Susan Mincey

    Wendy has done it again with this traditional carol in a most untraditional and ‘classical’ style that makes intermediate students sound and feel very grown up when they go off the traditional chart with flourishes and modern sounding chord structures. Stunningly ‘ear catching’.

  9. Lindsay

    Lovely and cozy arrangement of this carol!! The unique harmonies and rhythms add such a delightful sound and variety to an often performed Christmas carol. So excited to share this with students!

  10. Ann Clem

    Wendy has a unique way of creating something new out of the traditional. This is a very comfortable arrangement of Deck the Hall, not only for playing but listening. I have all the others in the group and enjoy them myself, as with my students.

  11. Judith Neville

    This arrangement of the familiar carol is unique and wonderful! Wendy’s treatments of these classics are just what I need to invigorate our upcoming Christmas recital. My students are excited to play!

  12. AC

    What a fun and exciting arrangement!

  13. Robin Steinweg

    An intermediate student of mine just returned to lessons after several theater productions, eager to get back to piano. I showed her Wendy’s Deck the Hall. She flipped over it! The rich chords, warmth, and recognizability in spite of its freshness… She can’t wait to dig in and learn it. I’m certain it will become a favorite go-to piece for her. Her family members play for each other on Christmas, and she’s eager to share it with them, too. Well done, Wendy! Another stunning arrangement!

  14. Robin Steinweg

    I forgot to say this in my earlier review: this piece, as Wendy says, is perfect for a student “with small hands and a big heart.” Wendy, not only is that true, but hearing you say it (and me seconding it enthusiastically) made my student feel appreciated and special.

    Wendy’s heart is showing in her arrangements, compositions, and in her words. 🙂

  15. Susan

    Very much enjoyed this over the holidays ,thanks Wendy

  16. Tomilee Deatherage

    Thank you for composing such a beautiful arrangement of Deck The Halls! We love it! Sounds beautiful but very manageable
    for intermediate students! I have several of your pieces and love the big, beautiful, lush sounds!

  17. Susan Davis

    All my high school students were excited to have this one this year! What a delight! Now, only to decide who gets to play it at our Carols and Cookies Concert! Thanks for such a great arrangement!

  18. Susan Davis

    All my high school students were excited to have this one this year! What a delight! Now, only to decide who gets to play it at our Carols and Cookies Concert! Thanks for such a great arrangement!

  19. Ellen DuBois

    I love this arrangement and am working on it for myself. A teacher teaching herself a beautiful, new arrangement of a timeless classic! I love what Wendy did with this- the rich tones, unexpected chords and beautiful flow. Not only will I learn it, I have a couple of students who will also love it. I’m thinking of performing this at our Christmas Winter Concert as people are taking their seats. Beautiful mood setter!!

  20. Dixie Ritchie Cramer

    What I love about Wendy’s music is that I can always expect an unexpected slant on her interpretation of any well known piece. This particular rendition of Deck the Hall is great for helping students solidify their harmonic interval reading–lots of 4ths, 6ths, and of course 5ths. It all results in a sophisticated jazzy sound. I look forward to sharing it with my students! Thanks, Wendy.

  21. Pamela Taylor

    I have played Deck the Hall for some of my students, and they are all excited to learn it. This arrangement has especially caught the attention of my adult and teen students. They like how elegant and sophisticated it sounds. It’s yet another of Wendy’s thoughtfully arranged pieces. Lovely!

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