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Bundle: Dancing Cows + A Piggy Pet

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This discounted bundle contains two of the hilarious Rote and Reading® pieces from the Barnyard Fun series.



Barnyard Fun - Easy early elementary Rote and Reading solos about farm animals by Wendy Stevens - Includes Dancing Cows, A Piggy Pet, and Cluck Cluck MooGet all 3 beginning Barnyard Fun Rote and Reading® pieces in this other discounted bundle!

Studio Use License – This piece comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


The bundle includes the early elementary Dancing Cows and A Piggy Pet. These are Rote and Reading® solo with teacher duets. Each piece contains funny lyrics and helps the student to:

  • Move around the keyboard
  • Get to the know piano topography
  • Transpose (this is done in a very easy way. It is not an extra activity added after the fact, but something within the music.

The story of Dancing Cows and A Piggy Pet

Several teachers have asked if we have music about farm animals. Another teacher recently shared a story about her student who has a pig for a pet, so this new Barnyard Fun Rote and Reading® series began!

Both pieces come with a bonus!

In addition to receiving the music and the covers for these pieces, you’ll also receive 3 mp3s of both pieces at three different tempos. You can send these mp3s to your students to help them remember the piece during the week. But remember that they can play the pieces at whatever tempo suits them.

When will the final piece be released? Bundle: Dancing Cows + A Piggy Pet

These two pieces are part of the Barnyard Fun Rote and Reading® series. We will be releasing the final piece in the fall and as a bundle then. But don’t hesitate to buy them separately at the sale price so you don’t miss the sale. Then, if you buy all the pieces separately, just send me an email. I can get you the special bonus cover for the Barnyard Fun series when it is out.

Want to know more about Rote and Reading® teaching?

When you combine both reading and rote, you teach children in a way that is natural to their learning process. In addition, the rote pieces (which sound bigger and more mature) will motivate and excite your student while they are having to play more elementary sounding pieces because of their low reading ability.

Think about it this way. Kids learn to speak before they learn to read, so it is more natural for a student to learn to play notes before they learn to read notes on a page. For more thoughts on the value of rote teaching and how long it really takes a child to learn to read music, read: How Long Does It Take to Learn to Read Music?

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2 reviews for Bundle: Dancing Cows + A Piggy Pet

  1. Joyce

    This worked great! Thanks so much.

  2. Marianne

    Loved both Dancing Cow and Piggy Pet! We are calling it keyboard geography.
    No more fear in moving away from middle of piano.
    Fun to explore your instrument!!!

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