Loch Ness Quest – Dramatic Piano Piece

Loch Ness Quest - an early intermediate dramatic piano piece for students who like adventures! | composecreate.com

As he cowered in the small boat, the mysterious creature’s head rose from the lake, waves of water falling from its scaly neck! No one in the boat with the boy could say whether this was the end or just the exciting beginning to their dangerous quest….

And so begins the Loch Ness Quest, an early intermediate, dramatic piano piece for students. Loch Ness Quest is the newest of the “dangerous piano pieces” that have mysteriously come out of the ComposeCreate library. [Ask the composer about this one. She doesn’t really set out to create dangerous sounding pieces. They just seem to happen!] Each of these pieces: Loch Ness Quest, Chased to the Edge, and Drastic Measures is perfect for any age of student,  but especially for pre-teen and teenage students who love a dramatic piano piece or need music for a talent show!

$9.99 $8.99 Studio Use License (Reproducible to use with your students)
$4.99 Single Use License (Use for only one person)

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Bundle the “Dangerous Pieces” and Save $2- $3!

Loch Ness Quest and Chased to the Edge - bundled together for a lower price! | composecreate.com

$19.98  $17.98 – Chased to the Edge and Loch Ness Quest – Studio License

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Dangerous pieces$29.97  $26.97 Chased to the Edge, Drastic Measures, and Loch Ness Quest – Studio License (unlimited prints for your students!)

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Details of “Loch Ness Quest:”

  • Level: Early intermediate (late elementary)
  • Pages: 7 pages, 5 pages of music, cover included!
  • Style: Dramatic Piano Piece
  • Format: PDF instant download

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Do you offer license upgrades? 

We don’t offer upgrades from single to studio licenses, but if you are a teacher, we are confident that you and your students will love what you are purchasing so much that it’s 99.9% guaranteed that you’ll want to use it again and again. Most teachers purchase the studio license because of this.

How can I get the best price? 

I’m happy to tell you our “sale secret.” When a new piece comes out, we put it in our newsletter and run at least a 3 day sale. This is almost always the best price you’ll ever get on the piece, and we like to give it to best fans. So just sign up for the newsletter and then be sure to open it quickly each time and you’ll see the best sales on new pieces.

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