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Free Holiday Music Lesson Plan

The Perfect Holiday Music Lesson Plan   Are you overwhelmed trying to think up a good holiday music lesson plan? Here's the perfect recipe for a group lesson or party that will have your students so excited about coming back in January! This is probably the cheapest and most fun group [...]

FREE Holiday Who Am I Game

Free Holiday Who Am I Game! Holiday group lessons or parties have always been my favorite part of the teaching year! But, we all know that group lessons can be tons of work beforehand. So this year, I'm giving away two holiday games, which when combined with Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations, mean [...]

Now Available: Piano Tracks for Holiday Rhythm Cups!

Now Available: Piano Tracks for Holiday Rhythm Cups Since releasing the super popular Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations, I've received many requests for Piano Tracks for Holiday Rhythm Cups. And it made me realize that in a perfect world, we would all have an intermediate student who could play the intermediate piano score [...]

Sight Reading Holiday Challenge

Download the Music Sight Reading Holiday Challenge How about a sight reading holiday challenge to motivate your students during these busy holiday months! This one one of the best ideas I ever had for my studio and like most creative ideas, it was based on another idea I got [...]

2016 All is Calm Release Party: FREE Holiday Gift Tags + Chance to Win $10 off Any Purchase!

$29.97  $25.97  Studio Licensed Bundle! Use for yourself and all students you directly teach!  [These are no longer available free as that was a limited offer just for newsletter subscribers.] Sign up for the newsletter [...]

The Beats are Here! Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Accompaniment Beats – Even More Energy!

Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Accompaniment Beats Are Here! The long awaited and requested Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Accompaniment Beats have finally arrived and they are bigger and better than ever! Based on your feedback, which you so generously gave, here are some of the NEW highlights: A super slow [...]

FREE Monkey Music Theory Games for Elementary Students

FREE Monkey Music Theory Games Music theory games are useful because they give students a way to concretely understand an abstract concept. Kids love monkeys! So they are definitely going to like any music theory game with a monkey in it! Download the FREE printable flashcards here and read at all the ways [...]

Super Fun Rhythm Cup Explorations Videos, Rhythm Menagerie Videos, and More!

Super Fun Rhythm Cup Explorations Videos, Menagerie Videos, and Manipulations Videos Teachers are constantly sending me Rhythm Cup Explorations Videos, Rhythm Menagerie videos, and Rhythm Manipulations videos starring their students. [Thank you so much for that!] So, I thought it might excite and inspire many of you to be able [...]

4 Reasons Why Animals Help in Teaching Music Tempo and Articulation

4 Reasons Why Animals Help in Teaching Music Tempo and Articulation Recently, I gave the new "Have You Forgotten What It's Like to be a Child?" presentation in Oklahoma City. [I'm also giving it at MTNA, so please come if you'll be there!] I was so excited with how energized [...]

Printable Alto Clef and Tenor Clef Staff for Music Games!

New Alto Clef and Tenor Clef Music Staff for Games Though piano teaching is where I started, the ComposeCreate blog is quickly becoming a resource for string teachers, woodwind teachers, classroom music teachers just to name a few. Thank you to all of you instrumental and classroom who have emailed [...]