New Elementary Olympic Piano Duet!

Parade of Champions - Olympic Piano Duet and Solo This new elementary olympic piano duet (and solo) was commissioned by the Metropolitan Music Teachers Association! And it's just in time for the olympics! I'm so excited about it because when you purchase it, it also comes with a SOLO [...]

Unexpected Results and New Recital Compliment Exchange Cards

Recital Compliment Exchange Cards & More Ideas! The Recital Compliment Exchange has been one of the best ideas that I've ever been about to share on the ComposeCreate site. This idea of allowing audience members to write a compliment for every one of the performers is taking the piano teaching community [...]

Do I Really Need to Copyright My Piano Music? [The answer from attorneys may surprise you!]

Do I Need to Copyright My Music? I love how it is becoming popular for piano teachers and piano students to compose music! Because it's so popular, it's also becoming easier with all the notation apps, programs, and advice from published composers coming out. But one of the questions that gets [...]

The Beats are Here! Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Accompaniment Beats – Even More Energy!

Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Accompaniment Beats Are Here! The long awaited and requested Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Accompaniment Beats have finally arrived and they are bigger and better than ever! Based on your feedback, which you so generously gave, here are some of the NEW highlights: A super slow [...]

An Exciting, Affirming and Empowering Idea: The Recital Compliment Exchange

An Exciting, Affirming and Empowering Idea: The Recital Compliment Exchange I am so excited to share a brilliant idea for making your recitals more interesting and meaningful. This idea comes from a dear long time ComposeCreate supporter, Swan Kiezebrink. Let's face it. It's too easy for parents and students to [...]

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“Groove Your Theory” Webinar with Leila Viss and Bradley Sowash

Groove Your Theory Webinar I love that there are a lot of opportunities to improve our piano teaching these days. While a live conference is wonderful (and I do mean wonderful as I've just returned from MTNA 2016), sometimes it's just not possible to get to one every year. So [...]

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What You Need to Know About a Piano Lesson Photo Release (&Video)

What You Need to Know About a Piano Lesson Photo Release If you take pictures or videos in your studio and plan to include them in publications or on the internet, it is imperative that you inform parent of this and get their consent in a piano lesson photo release. [...]

Eeeek! Loch Ness Quest – New Dramatic and Scary Piano Piece!

Loch Ness Quest - Dramatic Piano Piece As he cowered in the small boat, the mysterious creature's head rose from the lake, waves of water falling from its scaly neck! No one in the boat with the boy could say whether this was [...]

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What My Obstetrician Taught Me About Repeating Myself About Piano Policies

Repeating Myself About Piano Policies - What My OB Taught Me "I'm so tired of repeating myself about piano policies. Why can't my families just get my make up policy (or tuition structure or late fee)?" This is a common complaint among piano teachers and I completely empathize. I get [...]

FREE Monkey Music Theory Games for Elementary Students

FREE Monkey Music Theory Games Music theory games are useful because they give students a way to concretely understand an abstract concept. Kids love monkeys! So they are definitely going to like any music theory game with a monkey in it! Download the FREE printable flashcards here and read at all the ways [...]