How to Engage Piano Students – Video Lesson 2

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How Piano Students Learn New Information – Video Lesson 1 and BIG Announcement!

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New Modern Sonatina!

New Modern Sonatina Available Is there such a thing as a modern sonatina? How do you compose a modern sonatina? What makes a sonatina a sonatina anyway? Those are the questions I asked when the Katy Music Teachers Association commissioned me to write an elementary modern sonatina for their sonatina festival this [...]

Fresh, New 2016 – 30 Piece Challenge Charts!

Fresh, New - 30 Piece Challenge Charts for 2016 If you've done the 30 or 40 piece challenge for several years, you might be tired of the charts that I've had available for the last 3 years. If that's the case, then I first want to thank you [...]

You asked for this! New Reading and Rote Piano Piece!

New Rote Piano Piece - You Asked for It! Does the thought of a "rote piano piece" scare you? I completely understand if it does. The truth is: Good piano teachers want their students to know how to read music! Good piano students want to learn how to read music! [...]

30 Piece Challenge Certificates – Designed by an Artist for You!

30 Piece Challenge Certificates The long awaited 40 piece challenge and 30 piece challenge certificates are finally here! Haven't you wanted great looking 30 piece challenge certificates that actually match your charts thematically? I thought so! So I hired an artist to design professional certificates that work with any of the [...]

Interview with Elissa Milne on the 40 piece Challenge!

Interview with Elissa Milne on the 40 Piece Challenge Elissa Milne is changing the face of piano pedagogy in the 21st Century. I love that she consistently thinks outside the box and proposes creative and brilliant ideas for tackling the challenges we have as teachers. Elissa is the creator [...]

I’m Not Trying to Scare You – But don’t forget this in your policy!

What you may have forgotten in your piano policy... A few weeks ago, a teaching friend emailed me with a very scary story. She and I both think you might want to read this. It's a good reminder to make sure you include a place to update emergency contact information every year [...]

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New Piano Student Interviews – How to seal the deal

New Piano Student Interviews - How to Seal the Deal With Cups First impressions can often seal the deal or turn it sour. This is especially true when you conduct new piano student interviews! When I was in San Antonio for the MTNA conference, I met Christina Whitlock who excitedly told [...]

Top 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting a Music School

Top 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting a Music School This wonderful insight on the top 10 things to know about starting a music school is from the esteemed Kristin Yost, owner of the Centre for Music Minds and the author of How I made $100,000 My [...]