Here’s an audience pleaser that will surprise everyone! Students have been begging me to write another piece with “extra-musical” sounds like knocking or screaming like are in “Candy Nabber” and “A Scream on Halloween.” So, here’s a brand new piece with fun antics for the mid-elementary student!

You Don’t Scare Me Now!

“You Don’t Scare Me Now” will be a fun, loud surprise for everyone at the fall recital! The piece starts out creepy and slow, then picks up with a fun, easy syncopated melody with knocks, taps, snaps, and REALLY LOUD sound on the piano!

You Don't Scare Me now 3d Cover squareBut Wait!

The monster is invited to make the loudest noise that it can because “You don’t scare me now, you don’t scare me now!…I can make a bigger noise than you!” Students then play an amazing glissando (with the help of an index card) that wows the audience at the end!


Level: Mid-elementary -quarter, halves, wholes, ties, syncopation, extra-musical sounds
Pages: 6 pages, 3 pages of music, cover included!
Style: Creepy, mischievous



You Don't Scare Me Now           You Don't Scare Me Now

Watch the Video!

Be sure to watch to the end for a special teaching tip:

Single and Studio License Available

“You Don’t Scare Me Now!” is available as both a single user license or a studio license where you as the teacher can provide a copy to each student in your studio without additional costs. And I’m going to bet that more than one student is going to want to play this piece in your studio!  If you buy the studio licensed version (because then you can use it for ALL your elementary students for as long as you teach), you can get $1 off only through August 29th! No coupon required. Price is already slashed!

Single license: $2.99
Studio license: $8.99  $7.99

And in case you missed it, this intermediate piece is taking piano students by storm! (I’m not kidding.)

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