Susan Paradis has created a fun little activity/flashcard for students learning their note names. She uses these Animal Alphabet Matching Cards by having students clip a clothespin to the correct note name shown on the staff. Very cute! Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 3.20.22 PM Joy Morin has a great idea for reviewing musical keys and scales. She found these vintage keys at the Michaels Craft Store last year, bought 12 of them, and wrote the names of all 12 keys on the ends. Students get to pick a key at their lesson to review their scales. I loved this idea and went to my local Michael’s store. Lo and behold, I found the keys! They were almost out of them, so I purchased them all and will be presenting this idea to my students. I also purchased enough to give each of my students a key as an incentive since they are lovely to look at. If your local Michaels store is out, here are some antique keys you might consider (they are smaller, but that makes them seem more quaint…and their price per unit will be much cheaper than $1 each at Michaels). I think I will give each student a key after they successfully learn 6 scales this year. You can also find some of these keys on Amazon, though I don’t know about the quality. Joy created a free worksheet that you can use as well. Here is Joy’s excellent post.