Ask any piano student what their favorite Christmas song is, and chances are they’ll say “Carol of the Bells! Give your intermediate AND elementary students a passionate, pattern based arrangement that they’ll love for years to come! Sale price good only until Friday, September 27th!

Elementary Arrangement:

* No eighth notes make it look easy (watch the video for samples)
* 3 pages of music
* Big sound, little effort

Intermediate Arrangement:

* Easy syncopated rhythms give it a contemporary feel
* Sophisticated sound
* Passionate harmonic section in the middle feels wonderful to play
* Easy to learn, lots of patterns, easy 5 finger sets of 16th notes

As with other pieces on, you can purchase a single user license or a studio license in which the you as the teacher can provide a copy to each student in their studio without additional costs.

The YouTube performance of the intermediate arrangement:

The YouTube performance of the elementary arrangement:

Note that the intermediate arrangement is listed first. Scroll down to see the elementary arrangement.