Spring Recital Template - complete package of invitation, program, and recital compliment cards

$6.99  Studio Use License (Use it for as many recitals as you ever have!)

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New Editable Spring Recital Template

I’m so excited to bring a new line of resources from the artist who’s behind so much of ComposeCreate! This new spring recital template is the first in a series of studio-licensed recital templates that you can use once, twice, or 500 times without ever having to buy them again!

Why care about looking professional?

We all know that when you look professional, parents are more likely to treat you as a professional. They are more likely to respect your policies, pay you on time, and prioritize lesson times.

But the problem is that while we may be wonderful musicians, most of use are not wonderful artists or graphic designers. And even those that are fabulous artists probably don’t have time to be fabulous at both! What usually happens is that we pick a pretty picture, paste into our document and then type up our program. It might look okay but it usually doesn’t wow parents or anyone at the recital or reflect the excellence with which we teach their children.

But I’ve always thought there should be a way to get professionally designed templates where we can edit the text and make us look like the professional that we are! Now there is!

The quick back story

I used to get frustrated trying to find just the right image to look professional for my programs. There are lots of free images available these days, but I’ve noticed that slapping on image in my program is not the same thing as having a thematic piece of art that runs through all my recital handouts…the invitation, the program, and the recital compliment cards.

Old and tired recital program templates don't look professional.

But I’ve been blessed to have an actual artist in my extended family. And he decided to design an artistic concept to help you look like the professional that you are!

A complete package:

We are so excited to provide a complete package of this spring recital template. We know that some of you only like black and white and some of you love color. So in this package you get all of it!

  • Black and white invitation poster (editable of course)
  • Black and white vertical program (editable)
  • Black and white horizontal program (editable)
  • Black and white compliment cards (see: https://composecreate.com/recital-compliment-exchange/) 
  • Color invitation poster (editable)
  • Color vertical program (editable)
  • Color horizontal program (editable)
  • Color compliment cards

White border is not an issue + save $$ on ink

Edge to edge printing is impossible with home computers. Plus if you send anything to a print shop, they can’t print edge to edge either without charging you extra to trim your program so it appears edge to edge. I know a lot of you are on a budget, so full page printing with every single pixel filled with ink is cost prohibitive. So, I asked the artist to keep this in mind when he created these and you can see that you can easily print these on your home printer or a print shop with no trimming required. The white border on this spring recital template is a part of the design.

Editing the spring recital template is easy!

You get these three kinds of file formats, so after you download them, you can pick the one that works for you!

  • 2 Word Templates (Color + B&W for PC users)
  • 2 Pages Documents (Color + B&W for PC users for Mac users)
  • 2 PDFs with editable areas – (Color + B&W for anyone because anyone can download Adobe Reader and edit with that program).
  • NOTE: You will get this entire package because we want you to have ALL the files you might ever need. However, if you only ever use a PC, then you will just use the .docx files and possible the PDFs. If you are a Mac user, you will only ever need to use the .pages documents or the PDFs.

Then all you have to do is click inside the text box and change the dates, times, location, students, and pieces! That’s it! I even included directions on how to “print” to a PDF so that you can send it to your local print ship like Office Max, Office Depot, or Staples for a superior quality print!

Get the New Editable Spring Recital Template Here:

The best news about the spring recital template is that it’s a studio licensed product which means you can use it over and over again (don’t worry…we’ll come out with different designs for other years too). So, you never have to buy it again. It’s like an unlimited supply of the program artwork for less than the price of a value meal at almost any fast food joint! And it lasts for years, not minutes.

Yes, you get all these templates for only $6.99! And you can re-use these for as many years as you want!

Spring Recital Template - complete package of invitation, program, and recital compliment cards

In addition to the things we mentioned above, I wanted to let you know that there is no ComposeCreate branding on this spring recital template (the parts that you will be printing). So, you can insert your own branding image to increase awareness of your brand.

When you order, you’ll receive 6 documents (2 PDF, 2 Word files, and 2 Pages files). Then just choose whichever file is best for your needs and insert your own text. Note: Different version of Pages and Word may open the files differently, but everyone can use the editable PDF files! This spring recital template package will save you time, money, and make you look like the professional that you are!

$6.99  Studio Use License (Use it for as many recitals as you ever have!)

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Details of Spring Recital Template

  • Includes: 8.5×11 invitation poser, recital program (vertical and horizontal booklet style), compliment cards
  • Pages: 6 documents (2 PDFs, 2 Word templates, and 2 Pages doc) all with 5 pages each.
  • Format: PDF, Word, Pages all included
  • Features: Artwork includes the white space so you don’t have to worry about edge to edge printing
  • Savings: Artwork incorporates white space so you don’t spend $$ on tons of ink!

We don’t have the staff to provide tech support for editing, but we’re certain you’ll find this super easy to edit (especially the PDF)!

Here’s what teachers are saying about the Spring Recital Template:

I love the spring recital template! It made my life easier! Thank you!

Mysti Dye, Piano Teacher

These are gorgeous and the fact it’s editable makes the job so much easier ❤ made the poster in less than 5 min. Thx for a great product !!

Susan Hong, Piano Teacher, Blogger

I just bought these and finished my spring recital program today! It was so easy!!! Just what I wanted!

Jan Fulford, Piano Teacher

What does a studio license of the Spring Recital Template mean?

Studio License – When you purchase the digital studio license of the spring recital template, you will receive a PDF, a Word doc, and a Pages doc. You are permitted to edit the editable portions of the program and invitation and use it for any recital which you give! This cannot be shared with or transferred other teachers, even within the same studio. See terms and conditions for full information.

Support – Unfortunately, we are unable to provide support for editing these documents, though if you feel there is something wrong with your document, we are happy to help look into our product to make sure it is working!

~ Thank you for complying with U. S. copyright laws!