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Twister will dazzle the audience and teach the elementary piano student many pedagogy concepts.


Printed Sheet – This piece is only available as a printed sheet. No reproductions allowed. Shipped to U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, or New Zealand.

In stock (can be backordered)


Twister is an elementary piano solo published by Hal Leonard. This piece is a dizzying piece is sure to be a dazzler at the recital!

What level is Twister?

This piano solo is a mid to late elementary piece that is in a C position. While the piece is in C minor, the accidentals are written in (instead of using a key signature), making it easy for the student to read. The C minor 5-finger patterns and exciting hand-over-hand arpeggios make it an impressive piece that is easy to perform with flair.

Twister is Printed Sheet Music

Twister is only available as printed sheet music. We ship to all U.S. address for a flat  fee (and a few other countries for a flat fee as well), so you can add as many pieces of printed music or printed books toy our order without paying more shipping. Visit our Printed Music section of the store to see what other printed pieces are available!

Twister was on the previous NFMC Music List!

Twister was chosen to be on the 2011-2013 NFMC repertoire list. The details in the piece make it easy to teach pedagogical principles like slurs, staccato, dynamics, accents, and arpeggios.


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3 reviews for Twister – Printed Sheet

  1. Pam

    As soon as I heard Wendy play Twister, I knew the perfect student for it! I purchased it, arrived within 2 days, and handed it over to the student. The next week, it was back and memorized! He loved it! And now he’s ready for recital 2 months early!!!! That’s success, Wendy! Well done! Thanks for the inspiring composition!

  2. Carol L. Walker

    This is a great little piece. My 6 year old elementary student loves this. It is easily learned and quite different from other piano music on the market.

  3. Dr Saylor

    Got this as a piece for students who don’t like anything. The first one to learn it wasn’t one of those. I chose it for him because he has only been taking lessons for just about 8 months. He can read music pretty well and does good in band playing another instrument. It was the right amount of challenge of learning a new piece that was longer than some that he had, but it wasn’t too difficult for him to feel intimidated. I’m looking forward to hearing play it but an upcoming recital we have planned for the community

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