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This is the best investment for your students music development that you’ll ever make! This bundle includes all of these reproducible PDF books and their corresponding music tracks:







This the mother of all bundles! This rhythm curriculum is one of a kind and is being used by thousands of teachers of all instruments in classrooms, group lessons, private lessons and more. Students are engaged and excited about learning rhythm with this rhythm curriculum!

What does the Rhythm Curriculum Bundle include?

The rhythm curriculum bundle includes all of our reproducible rhythm products (more on that below). It contains:

  • Rhythm Menagerie 2017 Edition
    This is the first book in the core rhythm series. Rhythm Menagerie is carefully designed to take away other distractions that often interfere with good rhythm development. Things like note reading, dynamics, articulations, and busy pages are taken away so that students can develop the #1 skill in music: rhythm. No other skill in music is so important or so noticeably absent when it is missing. If you play by ear, you need rhythm. If you play by notes, you need rhythm. And if you just noodle around on the piano, you also need rhythm!
    Rhythm Menagerie is comprehensive and can help ensure mastery!
  • Rhythm Menagerie Accompaniment Tracks
    Beautiful music compositions in themselves, these tracks are designed to go with the rhythm and include 3 tracks for every line – 2 tracks with the clapping as well as 1 track without clapping. There are 864 tracks!!!
  • Rhythm Menagerie Progress Charts and Stickers
    These are not your run of the mill progress charts. They are beautifully designed animal menagerie canvasses on which students place stickers. You can print as many of the stickers as you need (or pre-die cut Avery labels) and prints as many of the progress charts as you need.
  • Rhythm Manipulations
    This is the second book in the core rhythm series and picks up right where Rhythm Menagerie leaves off. This book is designed to especially appeal to older students like pre-teens and teenage students. The activities on the Rhythm Maneuvers pages (there are other pages that can be done by 1 person) are all ones that appeal to teens and can be done in groups or simply with a teacher. The artwork is appealing to older students and doesn’t feel “dumbed down.”
  • My First Rhythm Cup Explorations + Tracks
    This new book features is designed to introduce steady beat and rhythm to children especially ages 4-8 (some 3 years olds as well). This book moves carefully and strategically to help ensure that young students are able to be successful in tapping accurate rhythms. Super fun! In our testing, the students begged for more!
  • Rhythm Cup Explorations 1
    This is an outrageously fun supplement to Rhythm Menagerie. The first book is designed so that you can use it with all your students…containing a variety of units. For example, unit 1 which drills quarter and half notes can be used with your beginning students while unit 2 (eighth notes), unit 3 (triplets), and unit 4 (sixteenths) can be used with more advanced students. For a representation of most note values, you’ll need book 2! And for the most comprehensive rhythm curriculum you can find, you’ll want the Menagerie and Manipulations books as well.
  • Rhythm Cup Explorations 2
    Cup Tapping book 2 is even bigger and better than book 1! We’ve added even more fun cup tapping techniques and also included hard-to-find units: syncopated eighths and syncopated sixteenths! Students of all ages (even adults and teens) absolutely love Rhythm Cup Explorations!
  • Beats for Rhythm Cup Explorations 1
    These are fun and groovy beats that go with the pages in book 1. You definitely want these when doing them with students!
  • Beats for Rhythm Cup Explorations 2
    These are fun and groovy beats that go with the pages in book 2. You definitely want these when doing them with students!
  • Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations
    This PDF book contains 3 intermediate piano arrangements of holiday songs. With each of these pieces come 3 levels of choreographed cup tapping that is perfect for any kind of performance or group lesson!
  • Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations orchestration tracks
    These orchestral tracks (that come with and without the piano part) for Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations make your performance absolutely stunning! Because you also get tracks that include the orchestration and the piano, you don’t even need someone playing the piano part if a piano is not available(so it’s great especially for classroom music teachers)!

All of this comes with this Rhythm Curriculum Bundle!

What is a studio license and how can I use this?

This bundle comes with a studio license which permits you to use and print the PDF books for any student you directly teach. It also permits you to use the tracks in your studio or classroom with students you directly teach but tracks may not be electronically distributed. Students would need to purchase their own Rhythm Cup 1 tracks, Rhythm Cup 2 tracks or Holiday Rhythm Cup tracks if they want to use these at home.

So you only ever need to purchase this bundle one time! It’s yours for your life and can be used in the ways explained above with all your students!

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2 reviews for Rhythm Curriculum Bundle

  1. Wendy Stevens

    Hi Claudia,

    Thank you for your interest! To order this, please just add it to your cart (click on the add to cart button after you choose which edition you’d like). Then, you can go to your cart and check out https://composecreate.com/cart

    This curriculum is digital, so you will receive download links to all the PDF books and the mp3 music files as soon as you pay. They will be in your email receipt.

    I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    ~ Wendy

  2. marian

    Wow! What a tremendous amount of material that is cleverly displayed, clearly marked and readily accessible. Teaching/feeling rhythms is at the top of a musician’s list and this bundle makes them fun and easy. Love that it includes more advanced rhythmic patterns! Thank you!

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