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Cluck Cluck Moo will make your early elementary students chuckle as they hear the story of Henny Sue who bumps her head and gets quite confused!


Barnyard Fun - Easy early elementary Rote and Reading solos about farm animals by Wendy Stevens - Includes Dancing Cows, A Piggy Pet, and Cluck Cluck MooFor more savings, click here to buy the discounted bundle!

Studio Use License – This piece comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


Cluck Cluck Moo is an early to mid elementary Rote and Reading® solo with a teacher duet. This piece tells the funny story of a chicken who hits her head in the morning when getting out of bed. She then staggers out of bed and is a little confused with her identity, saying “Cluck Cluck Moo!” instead of her usual hennish clucking.

This piece is the third and final Rote and Reading® piece in the Barnard Fun early elementary series. Other pieces in this set include Dancing Cows and A Piggy Pet.

Each of these early level pieces help students become more comfortable with:

  • Keyboard topography.
  • Moving around the piano – If you teach with a traditional method book, you will find that most of the pieces are played in the middle of the piano, only occasionally moving to different octaves. This will make the student scared of moving. So it’s best to move them around the piano early in their lessons so this is one less thing that scares them.
  • Playing the black and the white keys.
    Many methods and pieces focus on one or the other. But this piece in particular will help students be comfortable playing both white and black keys in the same piece.

The level of Cluck Cluck Moo

Cluck Cluck Moo is early to mid elementary. It is the most challenging of the pieces in this Barnyard Fun series, but students who have been taking lessons several months should be able to master the patterns. The piece is all quarter and half notes. The 5 finger patterns move up by one note for each of the phrases. If your student can’t move without a pause at first, that’s okay! Focus on learning the notes and position changes and then they will be able to move without a pause after they are comfortable with the notes.

Cluck Cluck Moo comes with a bonus!

In addition to receiving the music and the adorable cover (we always include the cover for ComposeCreate pieces), you’ll also receive 3 mp3s of A Piggy Pet in a in a slow, medium, and fast (the performance) tempo. You can send these mp3s to your students to help them remember the piece during the week. But remember that they can play the piece at whatever tempo suits them.

Teaching tips:

As stated before, the most important thing in this piece is that the student learns to be comfortable moving around the keyboard. Thus, pauses between the phrases are just fine. Students need time to find these positions and they’ll eventually be able to eliminate the pause. Be sure to teach this piece in 3 sections. The first page is one section, the second page top line is the second section. And the last 2 measures is the final section.

The 3rd piece in the new Barnyard Fun Rote and Reading® Series

Barnyard Fun - Easy early elementary Rote and Reading solos about farm animals by Wendy Stevens - Includes Dancing Cows, A Piggy Pet, and Cluck Cluck Moo

Cluck Cluck Moo is the final piece in the new Barnyard Fun series. Other pieces include:

  • Dancing Cows – Excellent for very early level students just beginning lessons
  • A Piggy Pet – Great for early level students who have been in lessons a bit
  • Cluck Cluck Moo – this piece!

Each of these pieces is a beginning Rote and Reading™ piece is about a farm animal and can be taught by rote, reading, or both. In addition, each piece comes with a fun teacher duet. The pieces are designed to help young and beginning students get to know the piano keyboard.

If you have purchased all 3 pieces separately, please contact me to ask about the special bonus cover! I’m happy to send that to you at no charge if you have purchased all the pieces.

Need to know more about Rote and Reading™ teaching?

Rote teaching is a great tool to use with very young students. This is because children learn to speak before they learn to read, so learning to speak/play music is more natural than learning to read it first. When combined with reading, rote teaching can be a powerful way to keep young students motivated and advancing more quickly. Learn more here:  How Long Does It Take to Learn to Read Music?

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  1. Robin M.

    Cluck Cluck Moo is a hit. It is good for my slow beginner, and soon her very beginner sister and they can play it together. For another young student who is playing like crazy, it is a great finger exercise, fun piece to use a a warm up and help with moving hand position.

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