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Christ the Lord is Risen Today

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Easter is about the resurrection – new life! So this arrangement of Christ the Lord is Risen Today breathes new life and energy into an old tune.

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This Christ the Lord is Risen Today arrangement is adventurous, unique, and full of energy! You and your congregation have probably never heard this piece with such a modern, yet enjoyable flair!

Too often, we resort to playing the same arrangements of a very small number of Easter hymns every year. But Easter should be full of new life, new music, and wonderful energy! And this arrangement of Christ the Lord is Risen today will give you just that!

What level is Christ the Lord is Risen Today?

This arrangement is advanced. There are multiple meter changes in the piece, but all the eighths are equal, so they feel natural. The speed of the piece makes it a bit challenging even though the smallest note value is the eighth note.

Is this an advanced teaching piece?

Yes, this piece is carefully edited to include all kinds of articulations and markings that will be helpful in teaching the piece. In addition, though we acknowledge that many advanced students might want to choose their own fingerings, there are suggested fingering throughout the piece.

To use this as a teaching piece and for yourself, please purchase the studio license. Purchasing the studio license will also give you a free mp3 performance of the piece played by the composer.

What is a studio license?

The studio license of this piece allows you to use this piece for yourself and/or any student you directly teach. It’s like getting an unlimited supply of this piece for around the same price as just 2 single licenses. You also get a free mp3 recording of the performance when you purchase the studio license.

The single license only licenses one person to use this music at any time. This cannot be transferred to anyone even after the piece is performed. The single license does not include the recording.

Tell me about the cover of Christ the Lord is Risen Today!

At first glance, you can see that there is a “rising” in the lines. Something is definitely moving up from the grave. But the new-fashioned hymn series (that so far includes There is a Balm in Gilead and This is My Father’s World) goes deeper than that. This series features covers that have visual perceptual events. This means that they are designed so that your experience of the visual event differs from the physical stimulus in a meaningful way.

So for example, even though the box around the cross feels like it is bigger on the bottom than the top, it is actually a square with four equal sides. This is what we want the music to do for you too: to give you a new experience with the familiar words and melody.

Free mp3 with studio license purchase (not included in single license)

Purchase the studio license of Christ the Lord is Risen Today, and you will receive an mp3 of this piece to enjoy or use to help you learn the piece. There are no voiceovers on the recording that you will receive.

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  1. Esther Chung Marks

    Cool piece, Wendy!

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