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A Distant Blue - Beautiful, easy haunting piano solo by Wendy Stevens | ComposeCreate.com - What does blue sound like?

$9.99  Studio license

New Beautiful, Easy, Haunting Piano Solo

Too often, elementary music sounds, well, elementary. It lacks the sophistication that many elementary students need and crave. And as a result, many older beginners feel like they are playing music that is beneath them emotionally, even though it may be technically appropriate.

Fewer notes sometimes speak the loudest

One of my absolute joys in composing is creating a piece that is truly easy to play, but emotionally rewarding and sophisticated sounding. Simplicity sometimes is best when it comes to communicating emotion, and pieces like Up Sandy Ripple Road are ones that even I, as a non-elementary pianist, love to sit and play.

So it is with great joy (the quiet fulfilling kind of joy, not the jump up and down ecstatic joy) that I bring you this new piece, A Distant Blue.

What is A Distant Blue about?

A Distant Blue is an easy, haunting piano solo that is elementary and quite easy to play. It is inspired by misty mountains and the gorgeous blues of the sky. It’s about that beautiful thing that is just beyond your reach, just beyond your understanding, and just beyond your ability to grasp.

The right hand crosses over the left hand frequently, but always landing on an A flat, making it predictable for the student who needs to feel secure.

Of course, as you can see in the samples below the video, there are no eighth notes and nothing sophisticated in terms of rhythm, though a few high notes on beat 2 give it that fresh, not predictable, sound.

Watch the A Distant Blue video:

Get it here!

A Distant Blue is an easy, haunting piano solos that comes as a studio license, so you can use this for any of your students that you are directly teaching. You could use it for:

  • The older beginner
  • Your adult students who need sophisticated sounding but easy music
  • The young student who needs to develop a more nuanced sound
  • Late elementary and early intermediate students who need a review piece or easier pieces to help them achieve their 30 and 40 piece challenge.
  • The student who is going through a tough time and just needs music to be with him in it

And you can give it to ALL of these students every single year for as long as you are teaching with the studio license!

A Distant Blue - Beautiful, easy haunting piano solo by Wendy Stevens | ComposeCreate.com - What does blue sound like?

$9.99   Studio license

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  1. Tatiana Lukyanova March 6, 2018 at 7:27 am

    Thank you for this piece! My student (who is very hardly gets interested in anything) was very interested in “A Distant Blue” right away, and very enthusiastic. Lots of motivation to sight read, and so on.
    Thank again!

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