Don’t Underestimate Your Students

When I was in Rochester last year, I had the privilege of meeting a number of wonderful teachers. One of them in particular, Teddy, has been so lovely to send me little inspiring stories. Even if you do not ever use the Easy Amazing Grace arrangement that Teddy’s talks about, I hope her words will encourage you to keep teaching. Keep inspiring. Keep encouraging. And don’t give up on your students. You never know…

Don't underestimate your students - Amazing Grace piano arrangementI have a student who is now in seventh grade and started piano with me four years ago. Sweet, kind, beautiful, she has always been a slower learner and not diligent with how to practice. She sometimes inverts the staff and we have discussed visiting an ophthalmologist regarding her reading problems.

She rarely comes to lessons having done her assignments. She started out strong in September of 2015, but her busy schedule leaves no time for practice.

I was getting very depressed with our advancement when the flowing happened.

I gave her your Amazing Grace Arrangement over the Christmas holidays. Your arrangement is fantastic for both adults and students. I thought because of the way you build on the beauty of this piece and drama that builds she could learn this. The composition is simple and builds to a powerful ending with grace and simple beauty. So, I thought your arrangement was perfect.

Fast forward to February 2016 and my student’s relative dies an untimely death in his 50’s. The tragedy and sorrow lead her to perform “Amazing Grace” at his funeral in front of hundreds of people.


The mother told me she practiced and performed your arrangement flawlessly.

When I thought my student was going nowhere, little did I know how your arrangement of Amazing Grace would effect her life.  As her mother said to me, she told her daughter, “Miss Teddy gave you that for a reason.”

Little did any of us know.

Keep on teaching! Little do any of us know…

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