Ever since I began presenting the “Best Stress-free Business Practices” workshop, I’ve had teachers asking me all kinds of advice on best business practices. But although I love giving practical advice for makeup lessons, tuition structures, overscheduled students, flex time, etc., I realize that it’s very important for teachers to know what they are thinking (false narratives as discussed in the workshop), where they are going, and how they are going to get there.  If you know these things, then you’ll need less advice about practical things in general.

A great teacher, composer, and now blogging friend of mine came up with a wonderful questionnaire that can assist in helping teachers know where they are going. It’s designed to help all teachers hone in on their reasons for teaching, business plan, and specialties. I wish someone had created and shared this with me as I began teaching. But even though I’ve now been teaching more than 20 years (that’s the truth, I promise), I think going through this questionnaire has actually helped me!

How can this help you? Well, we all know that it’s all too easy to begin doing things we would prefer not to do, for example: teach on Saturdays, or teach in the late evening hours, or teach 48 weeks a year, etc. However, we too easily allow ourselves to get roped into such obligations because we are a rather empathetic group of people (note I said empathetic, not pathetic)! Sometimes we also begin teaching groups of students that we really have no joy teaching, maybe that is preschoolers or adults in your case. Regardless, the idea of this questionnaire it to help you really hone in on what your “perfect job” would be if you could choose it (and remember, you can because you are the CEO of your own company). It helps you narrow your focus so that you can really use the skills that you possess effectively. And finally, it helps you layout your policy so that you can have a calendar, tuition schedule, and makeup policy that fits your needs.

So whatever year you are in your teaching, please take a moment to look at this questionnaire and visit Diane’s site. She shares many wonderful teaching tips in unique ways. I’m sure you’ll enjoy visiting!

*Image provided by Srthnow