Take Advantage of the “Qualified Business Income Deduction” for Piano Teachers

Qualified Income Business Deduction for Piano TeachersI'm excited to tell you about a significant Qualified Income Business Deduction for Piano Teachers. I wish I would have written about sooner than now, but it will be good all the way until 2026 (unless Congress changes it), so it's worth years of [...]

Move Your Business and Piano Studio from Good to Great

Move Your Business and Piano Studio from Good to Great One of the wonderful realities and paradoxes about being a piano teacher in the 21st Century is that a good idea is only one click away. The proliferation of good piano teaching ideas and the increased connectivity that we have [...]

What are the Foundational Reasons for Having Piano Policies?

Piano Policies: 6 Foundational Reasons We Have Them Sometimes it is easy to get in a tizzy about making policy changes when something pushes us to our limit. Conversely, some teachers “set it and forget it,” to the detriment of not making policy changes when needed, or not revising [...]

The Secret to Saying No and Enforcing a No Make Up Lessons Policy

How to Say "No" and Enforce a No Make Up Lessons Policy Now that you know how to move to a no make-up lessons policy, it's time to learn how to implement your policy! I hesitate to use the word "enforce" because the word has a rigid ring to it. And [...]

Top 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting a Music School

Top 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting a Music School Click here to download this articleThis wonderful insight on the top 10 things to know about starting a music school is from the esteemed Kristin Yost, owner of the Centre for Music Minds and the author of How [...]

Where Do You Want to be in 5 Years? Make it happen! An interview with Kristina Lee

Kristina Lee answers questions about how she completely changed her business into being what she wanted it to be. She'll be an inspiration to you!

New Online Piano Workshops – Video 1 – Free Policy Guide & Clock Wording

All new online piano teaching workshops are coming soon - including one on taxes, liability, and marketing! Watch this video to learn ways of dealing with a vexing problem you might have.

Should I Raise My Teaching Rates This Year?

How Often Should I Raise Teaching Rates? It’s that time of year when we all start updating our policies! I hope that you’ve had a chance to read about “How to Move to a No Makeups Policy.” You will be so glad you did! So maybe you've already determined [...]

How to Optimize Your Web Presence

Here's the third and final installment of the "Importance of a Web Presence" series by Kevin Kao. I'm sure your convinced now based on "How Has Word of Mouth Marketing Changed" that you need a presence on the web. And based on the last article, you're relieved to know that [...]

The Worst Advice You’ll Ever Get About Piano Teaching

I'm not into sensational headlines. They really irritate me and I feel a little manipulated and therefore used by them at times. So, I want you to know I chose my headline carefully here. What Is Worst Piano Teaching Advice You'll Ever Get? Here it is: You don't really know [...]