Move Your Business and Piano Studio from Good to Great

Move Your Business and Piano Studio from Good to Great One of the wonderful realities and paradoxes about being a piano teacher in the 21st Century is that a good idea is only one click away. The proliferation of good piano teaching ideas and the increased connectivity that we have [...]

Composing is Like Alligator Wrestling

Composing is Like Alligator Wrestling I've been composing during this slow month of December. Does that sound glamorous? Maybe so, and I don't want to minimize the ecstasy that happens when a piece is started or when a piece is finished. But ohhhhh that middle part. That part that [...]

Teach Piano Improvisation with Forrest Kinney – Get the Create First Duet Book FREE

Learn to Teach Piano Improvisation with Forrest Kinney - Get a free Create First book! I'm so excited to tell you about a brand new series of books by Forrest Kinney that is designed to teach improvisation to all ages of students, including beginners who have no pulse! I've been [...]

A Look Inside the Process of Composing Music – What’s behind the NEW black key holiday piece!

The Process of Composing Music - What's behind the NEW black key holiday piece! We've all had beginning piano students who are just not ready to move to the white keys as quickly as their books think they are! Maybe you've also have students who have moved to the white [...]

Do I Really Need to Copyright My Piano Music? [The answer from attorneys may surprise you!]

Do I Need to Copyright My Music? I love how it is becoming popular for piano teachers and piano students to compose music! Because it's so popular, it's also becoming easier with all the notation apps, programs, and advice from published composers coming out. But one of the questions that gets [...]

The Forgotten Step In Teaching Students to Write Good Melodies

What is the forgotten step in teaching students to write good melodies? It's one that any piano teacher (even ones who don't compose) can do with their students.

More Big Holiday News Video and Gift 1

You do not want to miss this big announcement and the free gift that you can download for a short time! Then, mark your calendar for October 20th...the date of the big launch.

New Composition Contest for Teens!

I'm thrilled to be able to tell you that there is a brand new composition contest for teenagers beginning this year! There are no limits on style or content, so this competition is literally open to any teenage student. I have added this contest to the Composition Contests for Students [...]

The Young Musician’s Guide to Songwriting – Interview and Giveaway!

I'm so excited to tell you about this new book that's already topping the Amazon charts! I've known Lisa Lukas for years now and have loved to hear about her own compositions and her work with young songwriters. So, when I heard that she was writing a book to help [...]

What’s Your Favorite Key?

When I was in my undergrad, I write a huge report on the "Doctrine of the Affections" which analyzed the tuning systems of the first few hundred years of pianos, the "feelings" that were associated with each key, and why composers liked specific keys for specific purposes. So, I was [...]

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