Suzanne from the Hilton Music Studio emailed me the other day to tell me how much she loved the Fall Lesson Book Bash article that Leila Viss wrote! She said her students were:

LOVING the Fall Book Bash! Everytime I punch a hole in a leaf they yell, “YESSSSS”.

I visited her website and discovered that Suzanne took the idea a step further (something I love) and created a fun little index fan of creative ideas for her students to use when they get stuck. I find that often students need some suggestions about little things they can do with a piece and giving them these suggestions enlarges their “creative vocabulary” for music. So, I asked Suzanne if I could share this idea with you and she was most willing.

Here is a link to her blog post where you can see pictures of what she created. She is also allowing me to post her Creative Cards (pdf) which you can take and make into your own little index. Here are the Creative Cards.doc so that you can edit it as needed.

Thanks Suzanne for sharing with us all!