Moving Up and Down

Play Storm Chasers 2 times and record your score.

Download and print this Moving Up and Down Worksheet.
Listen to these examples and circle whether you hear notes going up or down.  Each example will be played twice.
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5

High and Low Sounds

Download and print this High Middle Low Sounds Worksheet.

Listen to the examples, then circle whether you hear high, middle or low sounds.
Example 1 High Middle Low
Example 2 High Middle Low
Example 3 High Middle Low
Example 4 High Middle Low
Example 5 High Middle Low


Play Smiley and Friends 1 time and record your score.

Play Song Birds 1 time and record your score.

White Keys

Play Letter Fly C D E 1 time and record your score.

Play Keyboard Identification for 3 minutes and record your score.
Do not click the “New Key” button.  Only click the “Reveal Answer” button if you’ve tried 3 times and still can’t get it.
Go slowly.


Play Meteor Match 2 times and record your scores.

Download and print this Quarter Half Whole Listening Worksheet.
Listen to the examples and draw the kind of notes that you hear.

Example 1 qhw
Example 2 qhw
Example 3 qhw
Example 4 qhw
Example 5 qhw
Example 6 qhw

Download and print this Note Value Worksheet qhw
Complete this and bring it to your lesson.