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Bundle: Irish Celebration, Escape from Donegal Castle

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This bundle comes with 2 popular Irish pieces. But you actually get 3 pieces because in addition to Irish Celebration, you also get Escape from Donegal Castle, which comes in both an elementary and intermediate version!



Studio Use License – This bundle comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


This bundle is quite a deal as it contains not 2, but 3 pieces! With this bundle, you get:

  • An early elementary Irish Celebration (with teacher duet)
  • An early intermediate Escape from Donegal Castle
  • A mid-elementary version of Escape from Donegal Castle! (This is the same piece as the early intermediate, but notated in simple meter with no eighths.)

All of these pieces have that Irish flavor that is a favorite of children and adults!

Details of Irish Celebration

Irish Celebration contains only steps and repeated notes so it is a wonderful piece for early elementary students just beginning to read music. The piece is in a comfortable hand position throughout most of it. At the end, the student moves up one octave and then another, but a quarter rests allows them to easily move and find their hand position. 

The teacher duet is early intermediate level and and super fun! 

Details of Escape from Donegal Castle

Escape from Donegal Castle is also mostly steps and repeated notes. There are some 5ths and skips as well, but they are triadic and easy to execute. A few hand crossing make it even more fun to play or watch. As a matter of fact, the most challenging thing about this piece is the tempo – and that’s up to the performer! Play it slowly and it sounds great, play it quickly and it sounds much more advanced!

This bundle contains both an elementary version of this piece, notated with no eighth notes. It also contains the early intermediate version of this piece which is written in 6/8 meter. The only thing different about the two pieces is that one looks more advanced than the other. So you can give it to your young students and the notation will not scare them away. Or you can give it to your older students with the 6/8 meter and it will look right at their level!

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14 reviews for Bundle: Irish Celebration, Escape from Donegal Castle

  1. Jennifer Foxx

    I’m passing out both of these pieces this week for students to learn! I’m thrilled this bundle will cover a variety of student levels. If you are looking for some fun Irish themed pieces, I would highly recommend!

  2. Nancy Rath…Louisville, Ky

    My students have absolutely loved learning these lively Irish pieces as St. Patrick’s Day approaches.
    They were able to master them quickly thanks to the repeating note patterns and “jig” rhythms.
    Thanks for these excellent compositions !!

  3. Sharon Marble

    I like the fact that these are available in both quarter notes and eighth notes. I’ve given the easier version to a student for her Spring Recital piece – she loved the “Irish” sound of it, and the clearly marked A-B-A-C-A1 sections, which will make it easier for memorizing. Thanks for a joyful jig!

  4. Jennifer

    At first, I’d thought to use Irish Celebration with my younger students, but found it to be great fun for even early intermediate students to play up to tempo. Who doesn’t enjoy a simple, “Irish” sounding piece to add just in time for St. Patrick’s Day?

    I love that Donegal Castle is written out in both simple and compound meter. It has been a wonderful teaching tool to let students learn the “easy” version, then whip out the 6/8 version, and realize they can play it; a phenomenal exercise not only in ear training and theory, but also a boost for students who look at a piece and assume it’s just TOO HARD! I also appreciate that part of the piece is written in notes easily recognizable to late elementary students, with other sections that force some out of their comfort zones, reading different notes.

    Thank you again, Wendy!

    Jennifer Flores, North Dakota

  5. Helen Haynes

    I’m using the Irish Celebration this week – what a joy to have a simple song that they can learn quickly, yet sounds great too!

  6. Kathy Schopp

    My students are really enjoying Irish Celebration. The newest beginners are getting a kick out of the octave jumps at the end.

  7. Nancy Robertson

    My students love these two pieces!! Wendy’s compositions are winners in my studio. These two pieces are no exception. They are fun to play. Thank you Wendy for your wonderful compositions!!

  8. Val

    Escape from Donegal Castle is one of those “pupil savers” for kids who need to play fast–you know the ones. 😉 A simple cross-over makes the piece *feel* more sophisticated to play. My speed loving student has been soooo motivated to learn the rest of the piece (the quarter note version is 5 pages long (even though it is mostly patterns), which makes it feel like a masterpiece to someone of his level).

  9. Ann Clem

    I was so happy to have purchased the bundle of Escape from Donegal Castle and Irish Celebration. We will be celebrating the spirit of the Irish even at my May recital. The duet with Irish Celebration will be a hit for my early beginner and her family. My students, especially, the younger ones like the duets. It makes their sound bigger. Escape from Donegal Castle is a winner whether in the Late Elementary or Early Intermediate level. Thank you, Wendy, for sharing your creative talents.

  10. Judi Kidd

    I purchased the bundle of Escape from Donegal castle and Irish Celebration. All my students, the youngest is 4 the oldest is 18, loved the music. They enjoyed how great the pieces sounded alone and with the duet. I love the music. I love that I have music to recharge lessons from January to May. After we finish the Christmas music, it seems to be a long stretch of just working on lesson technics, the students all got very excited to have special music once again. Their parents also love that I took time to find irish music for their students.

  11. Dana

    It turns out these songs were what my studio was missing all this time! I had a student who had been searching for an Irish song she could play (she is currently having a blast learning Escape from Donegal Castle) and one elementary student who needed a boost of music-reading confidence, so when she could sightread all of Irish Celebration in one sitting, she quickly fell in love with it. These melodies are a joy to teach and hear and play along with!

  12. Deborah

    I gave this piece to a student to learn for our upcoming Spring Festival and she was so excited to learn it! I love that this music sounds interesting on its own as well as with the duet! Great, fun, engaging piece!

  13. Nancy Van Kampen

    5 🙂 Keep in mind that some of the transitions might be rhythmically a tricky for a younger student.

  14. Janet Gracey

    I love that the pieces are fairly easy to play but sound so difficult.
    I’m excited to use both of them with my students.

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