Rhythm Menagerie is an exciting, reproducible PDF resource that features fun and intriguing activities to explore new rhythmic concepts. Rhythm Menagerie is much more than just a set of your typical clapping exercises!  Each unit showcases a unique animal and often incorporates some of the fun antics of that animal in the student’s activities. Students will learn about the crazy looking Tarsier, the beautiful Wingtipped Nightjar, the Jerboa Jumping Mouse, the Javan Flying Frog and much more!

Rhythm Menagerie is designed to take away distractions like note reading so that students can focus on learning new rhythms.  This 92 page PDF resource is designed to be a comprehensive approach to teaching and practicing rhythm and can be used alongside any method.  It is designed to be used in private lessons, but can easily be incorporated into group lessons as you will see in this video:

There are 8 units in Book 1 and each unit includes 11 pages of activities for the new rhythm concept.  Giving the student only 1 page each week will create excitement for completing the activity and anticipation for the next activity.  Each unit includes the following:

  • An introductory page explaining the new rhythm concept as well as 5 different ways to practice it on the first week it is introduced:
  • Single line rhythm pages in 3 different levels.  Here’s a sample of the Level 1 and 2 single line rhythms in Unit 1.
  • Two-handed rhythm pages in 3 different levels.  Here’s a sample of Level 2 and 3 two-handed rhythms in Unit 3.
  • Fun with sounds rhythm pages in 3 different levels.  Here’s a sample of Level 1 “Fun with Sounds” from Unit 6 and 2.
  • And a stunning certificate of completion for each unit.

The rhythmic concepts covered in Book 1 include:

  • Quarter and Half notes
  • Dotted half notes
  • Whole notes
  • Quarter rests and ties
  • Half rests and whole rests
  • Eighth notes
  • Eighth rests
  • Dotted quarter notes

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*Music on the Rhythm Menagerie video is provided by IMMusic Inc. (IMMusic used to have free jingles but no longer does anymore) who also created the orchestrations for Wendy’s Returning to the Piano book.