The Dollars and Sense feature of has been running for over a year now and I thought that Piano tuition made easy! | composecreate.comspring break might be a nice time to give you an index of articles.  This is also a great time to begin thinking about your business plans and policies for the 2012-2013 teaching year.  I hope this index helps you find the articles that are of value to you as you plan.  A list of Dollars and Sense Q&As will be coming on a future post.

Keeping Student Numbers Up in a Down Economy by Kristin Yost

Keeping Student Numbers Up – Student Surveys by Kristin Yost

Got (enough) Money? by Kristin Yost

Modern Piano Teacher as Entrepreneur by Kristin Yost

How to Get 12 Months of Revenue as an Entrepreneur by Kristin Yost

Creative Time Management for the Full-time IMT by Kristin Yost

As You Review Your Piano Policy by Wendy Stevens

Sanity Savers by Kristin Yost

How to Fit a National Music Conference into your Budget link to a great article

Got Money? It’s All about the Business Plan by Kristin Yost

Marketing Piano Lessons 101 by Wendy Stevens

Marketing Piano Lessons 102: Moving to a New Community by Wendy Stevens

Networking for Piano Teachers: Why Not Put Yourself Out There? by Stephen Hughes

Book: How I Made $100k My First Year As a Piano Teacher interview with author Kristin Yost

A Better Image Can Translate into Better Money by Kristin Yost

Say YES to 12 Months of Income as a Piano Teacher by Kristin Yost

5 Steps to a Successful Piano Teaching Business by Kristin Yost

Marketing to Homeschool Students by Wendy Stevens

To Give or Not To Give Makeup Lessons by Wendy Stevens

Owning Our Policies by Wendy Stevens

Thank you to all the contributors to Dollars and Sense, especially Kristin Yost.  What an incredible wealth of information she has been willing to share with us in the last year.  Thank you Kristin!

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