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Tips and Tricks for Upcoming Composition Contests

I know there are a number of states that have composition contests around this time of year.  Last year I was privileged to judge the Texas MTA contest with Melody Bober and David Karp. This year, I get to hear and evaluate the students in Indiana. So I thought it [...]

Thoughts on Teaching Composition with Carol Klose

Thoughts on Teaching Composition with Carol Klose I am thrilled that there is finally a resource book for teachers on teaching composition to piano students!  Carol Klose has written Piano Teacher's Guide to Creative Composition and it contains a great list ideas and tips on teaching composition to our students. [...]

Index of Composition Corner Posts

Recently, I published an Index of Dollars and Sense posts so that you can quickly find the areas that interest you.  I’m getting more and more questions about teaching composition, so I thought it might be helpful to also post an index of the Composition Corner posts.  In addition to [...]

Students Who Compose but Can’t Read Difficult Rhythms

Composing Difficult Rhythms I wanted to revive the Composition Corner Q & A segment since I'm getting all kinds of questions via email and Facebook, especially about composing difficult rhythms for students who can create them but not read them.  Recently, Becky asked me on the ComposeCreate FB page: I [...]

Finale Notepad 2012 is Now Free!

You've probably already seen me announce this on my Facebook page, or perhaps have seen it announced by all the many wonderful piano teaching bloggers out there, but Finale Notepad 2012 is now free!  Download it here. Here's what Finale Music says about their Notepad: NotePad is, of course, entry-level [...]