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Teach Piano Improvisation with Forrest Kinney – Get the Create First Duet Book FREE

Learn to Teach Piano Improvisation with Forrest Kinney - Get a free Create First book! I'm so excited to tell you about a brand new series of books by Forrest Kinney that is designed to teach improvisation to all ages of students, including beginners who have no pulse! I've been [...]

Learn Amazing, Effortless Piano Technique at Home. Giveaway!

Have you noticed that there aren't many online resources for helping our students with technique or even helping us teachers to learn proper piano technique? Well, I'm thrilled to tell you that an online resource is now available and it's top-notch! Do you know what a "quiet hand" is? Did you know [...]

Creativity, Improvisation, Interview and Giveaway with Forrest Kinney

I am so excited to announce that Forrest Kinney, author of the Pattern Play series and popular clinician, has launched the Forrest Kinney blog! To celebrate, we are hosting a giveaway of two huge Forrest Kinney prizes!

We’re Moving to Mexico!

Jill Zuber from Michigan recently told me that the Rhythm Menagerie fun has moved into rural Mexico! Jill founded and works with a beautiful, non-profit organization called Music Mosaic which provides music lessons and classes to help train students to serve their community and churches with their gifts. [...]

My 2013 Teaching Aid Discovery

It seems like every year I discover some kind of amazing new teaching tool. Last year it was the Eggspert. The year before that it was the erasable highlighters that really work! As you know, I am an office-supply junkie and love to browse to see what's new. Since Frixion made such [...]

Join the Conversation on Thursday!

This event has already occurred, but you can still view the questions and answers posted here. Clavier Companion is featuring ComposeCreate.com and Rhythm Menagerie this Thursday at Noon, EST. If you would like to ask a question or just see what others ask, please join the conversation here. You can [...]