It’s that time of year again, and I’ve got some exciting things on my studio wish list! I’m going to go ahead and include some of the things on last year’s list just in case you don’t have these items. Teaching piano is so much fun these days!

Magnetic Spinners – Aren’t these fun?! Sheryl from the Notable Music Studio blogged about these and you really must read how she uses them. I’m so excited about her ideas. You can see a picture of how she uses them below:


Mr. Potato Head – Yes, Mr. Potato Head is still on my wish list. Though I now have an iphone, I’d still like to use the old fashioned little guy to help my students learn about how to spot practice (“…add a body part for every time you play this section correctly…you aren’t done until your potato head is complete”). Of course, if I can’t have this wonderful silly suitcase filled with so many choices of body parts, I’ll settle for the basic Mr. Potato Head!

Eggspert Quizzing System – Last year, this had to be the “item of the year” in piano teaching circles! After I blogged about it, so many other teachers purchased it, used it, and blogged about their wonderful ideas! (Here’s a post on several ways to use it.) I already have it of course, but I came across these great little Barnyard Answer Buzzers that would also be fun if you don’t want to spring for the entire Eggspert system (though I can almost guarantee that you’ll have no regrets if you do!)

Bowling Eraser Set: Wouldn’t this be fun to have the student place the bowling pins on the correct notes for a Major/minor triad and then allow them to try to bowl them down if they get them correct?

Cake and Donut Erasers: Some of my students’ parents don’t like them receiving candy when we play games, so this is a great compromise!

Of course, there are tons more of these little erasers that can be use as game markers, triad markers, etc. Here are some penguins too!

Last year on the day after Thanksgiving, I bought the best laminator for teachers on Amazon as well as the Eggspert quizzing system. I consider these 2 things the best purchases I’ve made for my studio in the last 5 years! Be sure to like the “ComposeCreate” page on Facebook where I’ll post about any amazing deals for teachers that I see.

In a perfect world, my piano students would find this post and secretly put their resources together to buy something here…both they and I would enjoy anything purchased here! But until then, I’ll keep my list and buy as my budget will allow. What kinds of things are on your teacher wish list this year?