Sharps and Flats

Enharmonics Quiz:
On a piece of paper, write down the 2 enharmonic names of each black key on the piano.
For example, the black key to the right of middle C is called C# AND Db.
Do this for all 5 of the black keys on the piano.

Play the Mighty Music Man Quiz.
Did you help him deliver the piano?  If not, play it again until you do.  Write down how you did.

Play Keyboard Identification for 3 minutes.
Do not click the “New Key” button.
Only click the “Reveal Answer” button if you’ve tried 3 times and still can’t get it.
Record your score.

Note Names

Play the Note Trainer Game for 5 minutes and record your score (percentage).  If you do not get 90% or more, please play it again or play one of the other Note Name games below.

Play 60 Second Club.
Record your score.

Play PedaPlus Bass Clef note names.
Record you score.

Play Snowflake Notes (Treble)
Record your score.

Note Name Quiz:
Answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper:
1.  What is the note on the lowest bass line?
2.  What is the note on the highest treble line?
3.  What is the note that the treble clef surrounds?
4.  What is the note that the two dots on the bass clef surround?
5.  How many spaces from the top is C above middle C?
6.  How many spaces from the bottom is C below middle C?

Steps and Skips by Ear

Steps and Skips Quiz:
On a piece of paper, number your paper 1 through 8.
Listen to each of these examples and write STEP or SKIP on your paper. Then, bring your paper to your next lesson.
Example 1 Steps, Skips
Example 2 Steps, Skips
Example 3 Steps, Skips
Example 4 Steps, Skips
Example 5 Steps, Skips
Example 6 Steps, Skips
Example 7 Steps, Skips
Example 8 Steps, Skips

Big Ears:
Play Big Ears for 5 minutes.  Make sure that only the M2 and M3 are checkmarked.
Write down how you think you did.

Intervals on Staff

Play Interval Sleds 1 time.
If you score 1400 or more, you are done.  If you did not score 1400 or more, play it again.
Record your score(s).

Note Values

Note Value Quiz:
On a piece of paper, do the following:
1.  Draw a quarter note.  Write how many beats it gets.
2.  Draw a whole note.  Write how many beats it gets.
3.  Draw a half note.  Write how many beats it gets.
4.  Draw a dotted half note.  Write how many beats it gets.
5.  Draw a quarter rest.  Write how many beats it gets.
6.  Draw a half rest.  Write how many beats it gets.
7.  Draw a whole rest.  Write how many beats it gets.


Accidental Practice:
On a piece of paper, draw 3 of the following:
1.  Sharp
2.  Flat
3.  Natural

Up, Down, Repeating

Up, Down, Repeating Quiz:
Number your paper from 1-8.  Listen to these examples and draw an arrow going up, down, or repeating (sideways) based on what you hear.

Example 1 Up, Down, Repeat
Example 2 Up, Down, Repeat
Example 3 Up, Down, Repeat
Example 4 Up, Down, Repeat
Example 5 Up, Down, Repeat
Example 6 Up, Down, Repeat
Example 7 Up, Down, Repeat
Example 8 Up, Down, Repeat