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What is a Full-Time Piano Teacher?

Click to download a printable copy of this article Are You a Full-Time Piano Teacher? How do you define a full-time piano teacher? How many students make up a full-time studio? Determining this is important because it can significantly affect your health and how you run your business. Some [...]

Top 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting a Music School

Top 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting a Music School Click here to download this articleThis wonderful insight on the top 10 things to know about starting a music school is from the esteemed Kristin Yost, owner of the Centre for Music Minds and the author of How [...]

New Online Piano Workshops – Video 1 – Free Policy Guide & Clock Wording

All new online piano teaching workshops are coming soon - including one on taxes, liability, and marketing! Watch this video to learn ways of dealing with a vexing problem you might have.

What’s Your Agreement to Terms Good For? Court?

What's Your Piano Lesson Agreement to Terms Good for? In the last Dollars and Sense post, I told you about the elements that are essential to a good piano lesson Agreement to Terms. And in our upcoming "Stress-free Business Practices" webinar, we'll talk about all the policies that will help you [...]