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Writing Lyrics

Writing lyrics can be a tricky thing for composers.  Recently, I found some great articles and presentations on writing lyrics.  8 Cures for Lyric Writer's Block If you ever plan to write lyrics, you should make watching these next few videos a priority!  Pat Pattison is a Professor at Berklee College [...]

Comparing Notepad & MuseScore

There is a great chart comparing Finale Notepad and MuseScore here.  If all is as stated, then it seems that MuseScore is indeed a much better deal since it is free and has fewer limitations.  Once again, I have not experience with MuscScore, but it does look like a good [...]

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Finale 2010 Now Available!

Finale 2010 is now available!  In spite of all that's outlined below, Finale still has not made pedal markings easy!  It's my one complaint against the program.  Why can't someone create a function that will allow me to double click when the pedal starts, single click when there is a lift and depression, and then double click [...]

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A Composer/Editor’s dream tool

Maybe it's not the dream tool you might be expecting...I certainly have not found any software that edits things for me, but I have finally found the tool that I have wanted for years!  3M has finally combined post-it flags and a ball point pen for the Flag+ Pen!  I was so excited [...]

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Public Domain Classical Scores

If you do a lot of arranging, you may be interested to know about the International Music Score Library Music Portal (IMSLP).  IMSLP contains PDF files of scores that are in the public domain. Many composers of a number of genres are represented including a number of 20th Century compositions. [...]

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