Rhythm Cup Explorations Coil Bind SquareI am overwhelmed with the enthusiastic responses to Rhythm Cup Explorations! I have asked for NONE of the comments below. They are all either public comments people have made or ones that have been made privately which I then asked permission to share. Thank you all for sharing about this resource!

You can see samples, a video and order on the Rhythm Cup Explorations page.

Here is what teachers have to say about Rhythm Cup Explorations:

I ordered my Cups rhythm curriculum today and used it with several students this afternoon. We all agree. It’s AWESOME!!! Going to have so much fun with this. Thanks for a fun supplement!
Heather Best, Independent Teacher


Addictive and kids of all ages love it.
Iris Westcott, Independent Teacher


Sooo excited! I downloaded and used Rhythm Cup Explorations today with my students. We had so much fun! Thank you!!!
Chris Cogwell, Independent Teacher


Rhythm Cup Explorations fun

When I opened saw your newsletter this morning, I thought to myself, “how brilliant is Wendy!”. Students will love this! Just bought it!
Jennifer Foxx, Blogger, IMT


You are a crazy teacher having fun with your piano students, and I like that about you, Wendy!
Mary Majerus, Independent Teacher


I’d say this is a Slam Dunk after March Madness! Thank you Wendy!
Karen Shugart, Independent Teacher


This is awesome!!!
Adrienne Finch, Independent Teacher


I was just thinking that I wanted to do something like this for summer! Thanks for staying a step ahead of me!
Amanda Pfenninger, Independent Teacher


Becky Baker, Independent Teacher


My tween aged students will love this!!!
Sarah Hamilton, Independent Teacher


Are you kidding me Wendy??? I can think of a ton of kids that are about to flip out!!
Keri Salustri, Independent Teacher

Rhythm Cup Explorations

I’m very excited about this Wendy! It is something I have thought about doing for a while now and I’m thrilled that you have done all this grunt work so that now I don’t have to!!! I just ordered it and look forward to using it with my students. It looks great -and very clearly notated. Congratulations -and THANK YOU!
Donna Javel, Composer, IMT


So many smiles and lots of laughter today!! The kids love these, Wendy!
Keri Salutstri, Independent Teacher


I tried this today and it went over BIG! Thanks Wendy!
Julie Allen, Independent Teacher


Used this in my Group Lesson today-six kids ranging in age from 5-13. They LOVED it! Paired them up in three groups, sitting across the table from each other — displayed the page on my iPad at the end of the table. I’m planning to use it this summer with camps, and will display it on the smart-tv in our family room.
Anna Matthews Fagan, Independent Teacher


I did these today with 3 students (they come at the same time…in rotations, but we did one altogether), and they had so much fun!
Chelsea Rodman Riches, Independent Teacher


I love that this is so adaptable (in terms of tempo, repetitions, sequencing, etc.), and can even inspire students to make up some of their own – suitable for all ages! I noticed most of my students were extraordinarily focused but relaxed when doing these exercises.
Independent Teacher

My piano students LOVE it!
Cherri Reynolds, Independent Teacher


I have been having so much fun using this with my students this week!
Emily Matthew, Independent Teacher


Diane Hidy’s students “centering” between episodes

We are really enjoying this! Thanks, Wendy!
Dianne Saichek, Independent Teacher


What a great way to break the “blahs” and “poor focus” we are going thru right now (Spring Fever?? Cabin Fever?? LOL!!!) ~ my students and I have been having alot of fun with this. Thank you….Love it.
Maureen Schoonbaert, Independent Teacher


I found out that my students are talking about this while they are at school…how cool is that. One girl told the other that she got to do the forehead tap at her lesson and the other came flying into her lesson demanding that she too get to tap a cup on her forehead..lol
Susan Gravel, Independent Teacher


I bought it the day it came out & used it with 10 students so far. I can’t say enough about how much I love this! My students begged me for more, and since it’s reproducible, I gladly sent them home with several sheets to practice.
Keri Salustri, Independent Teacher


I am the most reluctant piano teacher to try new products, but this has been such a great experience. I will be looking closer at Rhythm menagerie for sure. Obviously if kids are talking about their piano lesson at school , days after it took place, then something was a real success..thanks wendy!!
Susan Gravel, Independent Teacher


I started using it with my students last week. One girl asked, “Did she make it fun on purpose?” One boy said it was one of his three favorite things about piano lessons.
Jan Davis, Independent Teacher


My students LOVED the rhythm cups!  This past Saturday was their last group class of the year, and since they had been working really hard getting ready for the ASMTA Festival the weekend before, I wanted their last class to be really fun before sending them off for the summer.  I’m always looking for an activity where my students can learn and have fun at the same time, and rhythm cups were just perfect!
Donna Jean Glasgow, Independent Teacher


I LOVE the Rhythm Cups! I have used it 5 times since yesterday afternoon. Brilliant !
Kristy McLaren, Independent Teacher


We’re having a blast!
Betsy King Breaker, Independent Teacher


I used the Rhythm Cup explorations game with groups this week; my students loved it – even the older high school students!
Mary Jane Cope, Independent Teacher


LOVING the rhythm cup explorations! Would you please consider publishing another edition?
Cynthia, Independent Teacher


My students had a great time doing these at out last class. They are physical enough for the boys to enjoy!
Priscilla, Independent Teacher


We tried this at lessons the other day, and my kids really loved it. It was a new fun active way to really reinforce rhythm. Thanks Wendy!
Elizabeth, Independent Teacher


Oh, wow, this is so much fun!  Just started using it with my one-on-one students tonight, and they loved it.
Sam, Independent Teacher


I saved the cup rhythms for something new for the summer session, and my students are really enjoying it!!  Thanks so much again for your wonderful creativity.   This will add so much to our lessons this summer!!
Janette, Independent Teacher


My students absolutely loved Rhythm Cups! It was a huge hit in the studio so thank you again!  Looking forward to playing this with all my students.
Sonja, Independent Teacher


I just purchased and used Rhythm Cup Explorations last night with my piano students…. Everyone loved it, from my 6 year olds to my 16 year olds!!! thank you for your fantastic resources!
Sarah, Independent Teacher


Rhythm cups are awesome! We just started using them at my studio! Thanks for inspiring me to use them!
Shannon, Independent Teacher


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