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Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations

The holiday edition of Rhythm Cup Explorations will be the highlight of this year’s group party, partner lessons, or music class! Another supplement to the fun, reproducible rhythm curriculum (Rhythm Menagerie, Rhythm Manipulations, and Rhythm Cup Explorations), Rhythm Cup Exploration Holiday Edition takes advantage of “the cup craze” to re-enforce rhythms you’ve been teaching all year! And the holiday edition adds new elements like music to play while students tap, reaching and cup tapping each other’s cups, tossing cups, and more!

Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations includes 3 piano arrangements plus carefully composed cup tapping routines in 3 levels! This means that you can have different cup tapping routines for your elementary, one for your early intermediate and one for your late intermediate students!

But don’t take my word for it, watch the faces of the students in the video below! More details are below the video!

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$13.99 Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations (Reproducible to use with your students)

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If you want to practice cup tapping with your students or don’t have a reliable intermediate student to play the piano music flawlessly, you might want the Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations Piano Tracks that go with each piece! You don’t even have to have a piano in the room to cup tap with these tracks!

$18.98   $16.98 PDF Book + Piano Tracks

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$5.99  – 12 mp3 tracks of piano music

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Details of Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations:

  • Level: Elementary – Advancing
  • Contents: 3 pieces of intermediate holiday music (so it’s easy for you to sight read or have your advancing students prepare and play) plus 3 levels of rhythm cup arrangements to play during the piece!
  • Pages: 28 reproducible pages
  • Rhythm Concepts Covered: Level 1 (quarter, half), Level 2 (up through eighths), Level 3 (sixteenths)
  • Format: PDF instant download – After you click the link, it will go to your downloads folder!
  • Music Details: 2 secular (Deck the Hall, We Wish You a Merry Christmas) and 1 sacred piece (Joy to the World) to work with any mix of students!
  • Uses: Perfect for group lessons, holiday parties, holiday programs, classroom teachers, holiday recitals, and more!
  • International edition? There is no need for one as there is no mention of the names of notes like quarter or crotchet, etc.

Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations PIcture Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations PIcture

Here’s what teachers say about Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations:

One of my students said about Holiday Rhythm Cups, “We should have more recitals if they are like that one!”Addictive and kids of all ages love it.
Piano Teacher
You’ve taken our favorite activity and made it even better!!! It’s the whipped cream and cherries on top of the best ice cream sundae! Way to go!!!
Keri Salustri, Piano teacher
My teenagers have already started asking about a party again this year.  We had great fun with the games and the cups!
Glenna O'Dell, NCTM
My students had a great time doing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” rhythm cups at our recital yesterday.  It was so much fun!!!
Phyllis Bowers, Piano Teacher
One of my students said about our recital with your Holiday Rhythm Cups, “I wasn’t really nervous. It felt more like I was having fun than playing at a recital!”
Anonymous Piano Teacher

How Can I Use Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations?

Studio License – Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations comes with a studio license, so you are permitted to print this item for use with students you directly teach for as long as you are teaching! This cannot be shared with or transferred other teachers, even within the same studio. See terms and conditions for full information.

~ Thank you for complying with U. S. copyright laws!

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