Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 - super fun cup tapping rhythm exercises for music students from composecreate.com

International Edition available (see below)

Rhythm Cup Explorations 2

If you thought Rhythm Cup Explorations Book 1 was fun, you are going to love this second cup tapping rhythm book. Students are crazy about cup tapping these days and this book will ignite their passion for perfecting rhythms they’ve learned in the core curriculum Rhythm Menagerie and Rhythm Manipulations!

Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 features even more fun including new cup tapping techniques, 5 units instead of 4, more pages per unit, and special eighth note and sixteenth note syncopation units to help your students practice 21st Century complicated rhythms. Watch the video and see all the details in Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 below.

$13.99 Rhythm Cup Explorations 2

Edition :

Don’t forget the beats! – Save $1

Get a unique accompaniment beat for every page of Rhythm Cup Explorations 2. Each page comes with 4 different tracks tempos for a total of 104 mp3s. More details and samples on the Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Beats page.

$22.98   $21.98 

Book 2 Beats + Book – North American Edition:

Book 2 Beats + Book – International Edition (crotchet, minum, quaver):

Bundle the Entire Rhythm Cup Series – Save $5!

Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Beats and Bundle it all for more fun!$39.96  $34.96

Book 1, Book 2, plus beats for both!
North American Edition:

Book 1, Book 2, plus beats for both! International Edition (crotchet, minum, quaver):

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Bundle and Save $5!

$34.96 $39.96  North American BUNDLE ofRCE 1 + RCE2 + Beats for both books

$34.96 $39.96  International BUNDLE ofRCE 1 + RCE2 + Beats for both books

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Details of Rhythm Cup Explorations 2:

  • Level: Elementary – Advanced (there is something for all levels here)
  • Pages: 32 reproducible pages (yes, that’s double the first book!)
  • Extras: 5 pages for all 5 levels (there were only 3 pages for 4 levels in book 1), Extra challenge page for dotted quarters
  • Rhythm Concepts Covered: Basic triple time (easy), dotted quarters, compound time (with a touch of hemiola), eighth note syncopation, sixteenth note syncopation
  • Format: PDF instant download – After you click the link, it will go to your downloads folder!
  • Benefits: Makes rhythm practice fun, perfect for a “bring-a-friend” lesson, new neural pathways form in brain when practicing rhythm in new ways, rhythm skills will improve…and much more!

Here are teachers say about Rhythm Cup Explorations 1 and 2:

Wish I had tried this a loooong time ago…..my students understand and internalize the beats immediately!!
Priscilla Moffett, Independent Teacher
Worth every penny!!!!
Phyllis Horridge, Classroom Music Teacher
Addictive and kids of all ages love it!
Iris Westcott, Independent Teacher
So many smiles and lots of laughter today!! The kids love these, Wendy!
Keri Salustri, Piano teacher
I tried this today and it went over BIG! Thanks Wendy!
Julie Allen
I found out that my students are talking about this while they are at school…how cool is that.
Susan Gravel
I LOVE the Rhythm Cups! I have used it 5 times since yesterday afternoon. Brilliant !
Kristy McLaren, Piano Teacher
I used the Rhythm Cup explorations game with groups this week; my students loved it – even the older high school students!
Mary Jane Cope, Piano Teacher
My students had a LOT more fun doing those than the regular rhythm book I’ve used for years! My students are loving the Rhythm Cups! 🙂
Kimberly Baker, Piano Teacher
My students loved it! …Definitely will be worth my money, and I appreciate how affordable it is. This is such a fun way to teach rhythm reading!
Jessica Barefoot, Piano Teacher
My 6th graders love rhythm cups!
Cheryl Weber, Classroom Music Teacher

How can I use Rhythm Cup Explorations 2?

Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 comes with a studio license, so when you purchase Rhythm Cup Explorations 2, you are permitted to print it for use with students you directly teach for as long as you are teaching! This license cannot be shared with or transferred other teachers, even within the same studio. Additional teachers wishing to use Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 need to purchase another licensed product. See terms and conditions for full information.

~ Thank you for complying with U. S. copyright laws!

What is the difference between the International and North American edition?

If you use rhythm terms like quarter, half, whole, eighth, etc., you will want to purchase the North American version.

If you use rhythm terms like crotchet, minim, quaver, etc., you will want to purchase the International version. This is the only difference (besides the use of the word “bar” for “measure) between the North American and International Edition.

International Edition Samples:

The only difference is the title and rhythm terms used in the instructions.
International Rhythm Cup Explorations 2
International Rhythm Cup Explorations 2

Book 1:

Rhythm Cup Explorations 1

Holiday Edition:

Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations by Wendy Stevens

Core Curriculum:

Rhythm Menagerie - the core curriculum where Rhythm Cup Explorations is the supplement Rhythm Manipulations - the 2nd book in the core reproducible Rhythm Explorations Series by Wendy Stevens from composecreate.com