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Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Beats

These Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Beats will save you time and give your students even more excitement about practicing rhythm with Rhythm Cup Explorations 2!

This package includes a unique mp3 backbeat accompaniment track for every page for Rhythm Cup Explorations 2! But we didn’t just create one track, we created four tracks this time so you could have four different tempos with which to practice and challenge your students!

Read the product details below for more info about these inexpensive beats!

Book 2 Beats


Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Beats plus Book!Book 2 Beats AND Book 2 – Save $1!

$25.98   $23.98 

Book 2 Beats + Book – North American Edition:

Book 2 Beats + Book – International Edition (crotchet, minum, quaver):

Bundle the Entire Rhythm Cup Series – Save $5!

Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Beats and Bundle it all for more fun!$45.96  $39.96

Book 1, Book 2, plus beats for both!
North American Edition:

Book 1, Book 2, plus beats for both! International Edition (crotchet, minum, quaver):

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Details of Accompaniment Beats for Rhythm Cup Explorations:

  • 104 mp3 tracks
  • 4 tracks per page that include a slow practice, practice, performance, and challenge tempos
  • Two measures of count off clicks with strong beats emphasized!
  • Extra quiet space at beginning of track so you don’t miss that first beat
  • 1 introductory PDF file that includes an index of styles and page numbers and extra information like how to speed up and slow down tracks even more.(through apps).
  • Style: All kinds. Classical and pop instrumentation, but all have a fun beat!
  • Format: Mp3 files

How are these delivered?

After purchase, you’ll get an email with links to several zipped files. After you click on the links to the files, they will download automatically to your download folder. Find them there and simply double click the zipped files and they will unzip for you. Then, double click the folders and you’ll see your mp3 files! If you have an older computer, you might need to download the free version of Winzip to get them to unzip, but you probably won’t even need that!

If you have an iPad, please check the FAQ page for instructions on downloading there. It’s very important that you have an unzipping app installed before you try to open from your iPad.

How can I legally use Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Beats?

You have permission to use Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Beats with your students during their lessons. However, you are not permitted to send the entire set of tracks to any of your students. Instead, you can send students up to 4 mp3s (that would be all the tracks for one page) per week, but if you want them to have ALL of the tracks, you students must purchase them here. This license cannot be shared with or transferred other teachers, even within the same studio. See terms and conditions for full information.

~ Thank you for complying with U. S. copyright laws!

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