The Shadow Passes

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This late intermediate to advancing solo captures joy and sorrow, longing and hope.

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The Shadow Passes is a late intermediate to advancing piano solo that captures the depth of human emotion from the saddest moments to the most full and glorious moments we have as humans.

This piece was composed out of the depths of my pain and joy, my sorrows and longings. I hope its beauty captures your imagination and emotions in a unique and beautiful way.

What is the story behind The Shadow Passes? 

This is yet another example of retroactive inspiration for me. This piece truly came from the depths of my soul. I did not know exactly what it was about until after it was finished. I didn’t have a title yet and I just kept playing it, crying each time I played. And yet, I didn’t understand from where it came. Then a dear friend of mine’s sister passed away. Her sister had some disabilities like my brother and when I heard about her passing, I knew immediately that this was what the piece was about.

Ravi Zacharias talks about a story where a father was attempting to explain the death her mother to his daughter. The father could not begin to explain death to his daughter. But as they were driving to the funeral, he saw a large tractor trailer truck in the intersection passing in front of them. He asked his daughter, “If you had to be run over, would you rather it be by the truck or by its shadow?” He goes on to explain the analogy, but it is a beautiful illustration of how even though death affects those of us who remain in painful ways, those who pass through the shadow of death are not injured by the passing. Rather, they can be ushered into an unimaginable beauty.

You can read even more about the inspiration here. 

This piece doesn’t begin to capture the beauty that that comes after the shadow passes, but I hope it’s a glimpse of how the sorrow and sadness, and joy and longs mingle together into a beautiful tapestry.

What level is The Shadow Passes?

The Shadow Passes can be played by a late intermediate or advancing pianist. The smallest rhythmic value in the piece is the sixteenth note. This piece falls easily under the hands and can easily be played by a pianist with small hands.

What is the difference between the single and studio license?

If you purchase the studio license, you can print and use the piece for yourself and as many students to whom you directly teach the piece. The single license can only be used by one person at any time and is not transferrable even when that person is done with the piece.

Free mp3 with studio license purchase

When you purchase the studio license, you will receive an mp3 of this piece to enjoy or use to help you learn the piece.

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23 reviews for The Shadow Passes

  1. dianne prieditis

    Beautiful creativity in your composing, Wendy! You are delightful and so talented! Thank you for sharing your gifts!

  2. Wendy Stevens

    Thank you so much, Dianne! I so appreciate your kind words.

  3. norma

    Two words:

    Simply beautiful!!

  4. Wendy Stevens

    Thank you so much, Norma!

  5. Deborah Davis

    This piece gave me cold chills! Thank you so much. I will definitely be purchasing this!

  6. Wendy Stevens

    That makes my day, Deborah! Thank you for listening!

  7. Lynn

    This is incredibly beautiful and timely for me. A loved one just told me last week he has terminal cancer, stage 4. Over the weekend we cried and prayed and reminisced and planned for end of life. Your piece and even its name have captured the essence of all those emotions for me. I will definitely be purchasing at a later time when I can play it. Thank you for writing and sharing.

  8. Wendy Stevens

    Oh my, Lynn. I’m so sorry to hear about your loved one and their terminal cancer. What a very difficult time for him and you. I’m so glad that this piece has captured the essence of your emotions. I hope it encourages you and helps remember all the wonderful and difficult times. Thank you for leaving this lovely comment. It has blessed me.

  9. Tanis Cowan

    Dear Wendy. Your subject line did sort of prick me, only because we have just very recently suddenly lost a loved one! And then I had to listen to your piece, and now I know I need this music … it will help me, and others, heal! Thank you!!

  10. Wendy Stevens

    Dear Tanis,

    I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your loved one. I certainly didn’t mean for that subject line [“This is the piece I want at my funeral”] to be hurtful. But it sounds like you know why I put it there now. I hope that the piece brings light and healing into your life. Thank you for sharing about your loss and how this connects. I pray you experience healing and hope in your life.

  11. Danielle McElroy

    I bought this for myself just because it was so lovely! But I can see that it would be a great piece for teaching students how to slow down and actually listen carefully to what they are playing. The technique is not too difficult so they can really focus on dynamics, rubato and emoting. And that requires listening a lot and trying parts out in different ways to hear what sounds best.

  12. Judith Siegel

    An exquisite piece full of longing, sorrow and joy. Obviously a very personal piece – as it will become for all who play it. An adult piece because it is full of adult emotions. Great for adult students! Such a peaceful ending – it screams for a gentle agogic accent! Thank you, Wendy.

  13. Barbara Kemp

    I bought this piece for myself as a church pianist. I used it for a contemplative moment during worship. It was much appreciated by the congregation.

  14. Audrey


  15. Megan

    Beautiful Piece! Wendy describes it so perfectly that I just had to purchase it. I am looking forward to playing it for many events. Yes, this piano teacher purchased music for herself! Thank you!

  16. Francee Strain

    This piece is full of beauty and heart. My heart has been deeply moved. My ears have been greatly blessed. I am drawn to play this piece repeatedly. I think it is a beautiful selection to teach students how to play emotively. I imagine the response of an audience would be profound. On a personal level, it greatly ministered to me. I am grateful to you, Wendy. God has gifted you. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  17. Holly Kukkonen

    I purchased the shadow passes for myself to play at a Saturday evening church service. I was able to learn it quickly and it was beautiful! I also had purchased your Doxology to play for a similar service and it went over very well. I look forward to using these pieces again. Thanks for helping us church musicians!

  18. Judy Lewis

    This piece is a treasure. I am using it for a church prelude or offertory, and it has become one of my “therapy pieces” that I play when I need to recenter my heart or brain or after a piano student has had a rough lesson. A breath of fresh air. Wendy has such great compositions!

  19. Jamie

    Hi Wendy – I have been meaning to write you to say Thank you for this wonderful piece – what a great expression of beauty! My students will definitely be adding this piece to their repertoire! It will aid them in expressing themselves through the piano! Thanks again!

  20. Sarah

    This piece plucks every heart-string, the ones that hurt and the ones that hope. Thank you, Wendy, for sharing such personal emotions in such a beautiful way!

  21. Jeanette Bryant

    An invitation to play from the heart. And because it falls easily under the fingers, the player can become engaged ( and lost) in the quiet beauty of the harmonies and melody.

  22. Sarah Reaser O’Brien

    This is lovely, Wendy. One of my favorite new pieces! Congratulations on a sensitive and heartfelt piece.

  23. Suzanne Hubbard

    A haunting and elegant piece … I plan to use it as special music during Lent, most likely on Good Friday.

  24. Lori Jessen

    Wendy, this piece is so beautiful and touching. I was able to play it for the members of my music club. One of the ladies has just recently lost her husband and your music ministered to her in a powerful way. Thank you for writing pieces that are able to communicate far beyond words and bring healing and hope.

  25. Jan

    Beautiful piece. Not difficult to play, but has a very deep level of expression. I plan to play this during Lent as someone else mentioned.

  26. Susan

    So soothing and tinted with depth. Wendy you’re a blessing.
    I’m still working on tempo and 3/4 , 4/4 but wonderful challenge

  27. Kay Carlson

    I used The Shadow Passes for our Ash Wednesday service and received compliments on it! Thank you for this wonderful piece of music!

  28. Kim Oien

    I heard you play this on the webinar showcasing yourt new music. I knew I wanted this piece! It is so beautiful and emotional. I learned it just in time to play at my adult students’ recital. They loved it too 🙂

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