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This mysterious, fall elementary piano solo has a sophisticated Stravinsky-like sound. Great for older students!

Printed Sheet – No reproductions allowed. Shipped to U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, or New Zealand.

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The Rite of Fall has tall the excitement of a mysterious fall or halloween piece, but with a sophisticated Stravinsky-like feel to it. The Rite of Fall is a great fall recital or halloween recital piece for an older student who is mid-elementary.

How to Teach the Rite of Fall

The beginning section can easily be taught by rote if necessary. The accents in the demanding chords provide an intense sound to this mysterious piece.

After the introduction, students play in a middle C position. There are staccatos, legatos, and accents all through this piece that make it a great piece for learning. In addition, there are flats and naturals in the piece as well. Interesting rhythms and groupings of notes with accents, make the piece intense sounding, and unexpected which is key to capturing and maintaining the interest of the audience.

Students move all over the piano in this, but always within easy hand positions that are simple to find, even more elementary piano students.

The Rite of Fall is Printed Sheet Music

The Rite of Fall is only available as printed sheet music. We ship to all U.S. address for a flat $5 fee (and a few other countries for a flat fee as well), so you can add as many pieces of printed music or printed books toy our order without paying more shipping. Visit our Printed Music section of the store to see what other printed pieces are available!

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1 review for The Rite of Fall – Printed Sheet

  1. Wendy

    This is a great piece! It’s always hard talking teenage beginners into playing for my annual studio recital because they are afraid they won’t sound advanced for their age compared to someone younger who has been taking for longer. My teenage beginner will be playing this in the recital, and she loves it! It makes her sound like she’s been taking longer than the five months that she has been, while still giving her just enough of a challenge. Plus, she can appreciate the humor of the title and the intro 🙂

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