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Sneezes, Snorts, and Sniffles will have your elementary piano students giggling and will even have you chuckling!

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Sneezes, Snorts, and Sniffles will have your elementary piano students giggling and will even have you chuckling! You’ll be excited about how much fun your elementary piano students have while learning basic music concepts.

Many of the pieces are interesting stories about kids. So children in particular will be able to identify easily with the sentiments expressed in each piece and will love the music because it is from their perspective.

Clever lyrics, creative melodies and funny stories make Sneezes, Snorts, and Sniffles a win for any kid with a sense of humor! Each piece contain an “extra-musical” that students can make while playing. Extra-musical sounds include things like hiccups, fake sneezing, gasping, snorting, snoring, and many more. Don’t worry, though! There are no inappropriate or gross sounds. These extra-musical sounds are all quite appropriate!

What level is Sneezes, Snorts and Sniffles?

The smallest note value in any of these pieces is the quarter note. Students hands are in familiar positions like middle C or C position. The pieces include 8vas to help the student explore the range of the piano in easy ways.

Fun lyrics are printed on each of the pieces and the pieces are easy to read.

Awards for Sneezes, Snorts, and Sniffles

Several pieces from this book have been selected to be on the National Federation of Music Clubs 2016-2020 repertoire list!

Sneezes, Snorts, and Sniffles Songs:

  • A-Choo!
  • The Gasping Song
  • The Hiccup Song
  • I’ll Give You A Snort
  • The Sniffles
  • The Snoring Song
  • Stinky Feet

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2 reviews for Sneezes, Snorts, and Sniffles – Printed Book

  1. Shirley

    This is your cutest book, yet! The Hiccup Song” was a true hit as my student read the piece while speaking the text! We laughed so hard when she figured out that she would have to “hic”.

  2. Sundy DeGooyer

    The melodies in this book are perfect! And the subject matter is just right too! My students loved sight reading the tunes! The “Hiccup Song” is my personal favorite! Who doesn’t love adding the “hic” to the actual songs?! I recommend this fun one!

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