Robotic Rise


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Robotic Rise is a powerful, driving piece that is easy to play and easy to learn.


Will robots take over the world one day? This driving Robotic Rise piece suggests so! This late elementary piece is carefully edited to include all kinds of articulation, enabling the student to play very precisely, musically, and in an engaging way.

Easy coordination and syncopation

Robotic Rise sounds big, full, and powerful, but is quite easy to play. There are no eighths notes in the piece and the only time the right hand the left hand actually play at the same time is at the powerful ending. The syncopation gives Robotic Rise a contemporary feel, but is easy to execute since something plays on every beat (as opposed to syncopation where both hands hold through a beat).

Why the 5/4 section is super easy to play

There’s a very short set of measures in 5/4 meter at the end of Robotic Rise. This is a very easy section to play because something plays on every beat, so there is no need to count in this section. Just play each note one right after the other and the pattern itself will give the piece an edge without being difficult for the student to play.

Big, powerful, driving sound

This piece is perfect for those students who want to sound big and powerful or play loudly. But there are enough musical details and markings that if followed, they will also sound musical! Robotic Rise is also great for those students who might ordinarily be shy and reserved and want to surprise their audience!

Robotic Rise makes a student sound impressive!

Students love to impress their friends, and the power and driving nature of Robotic Rise can do just that! Great for talent shows or “share days” at school.

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11 reviews for Robotic Rise

  1. Margaret McDonald

    Wonderful piece. I have two boys working on this piece getting it ready for future recitals. Sounds really hard to play but a breeze to teach and learn. (That is what we want right?)

  2. Anne Jeddeloh

    I am using Robotic Rise with a student who tends to play everything softly, slowly, timidly. The piece was fairly easy for him to learn, and now he is working on a steady (robotic) tempo. He is increasing speed, using accents and (this is exciting) playing forte! He loves the piece.

  3. Diane

    Without a doubt I give Robotic Rise 5 stars! So far I’ve used it with just one student who is talented and plays well, but tends to excel mainly on pieces he really LIKES. Interestingly, since he’s been enthusiastically playing Robotic Rise for three weeks, he is also playing his finger exercises with more care to curve fingers and arch hand, and is zooming through his routine “Lesson” and “Performance” book assignments as if they are a piece of cake! In other words, Robotic Rise has brought not only more fun and confidence to his playing that piece, but it seems to have inspired him in the areas of technique and sight reading in the rest of his lesson assignment! It has truly been a motivator for him! Thank you, Wendy Stevens, for providing such well-written, not-to-be-forgotten repertoire for our students!

  4. Nancy Rath…Louisville, Ky

    Wonderful piece for young fellas who think they’re “too cool for school”…much less piano lessons. And we’ve all taught one of those, right ?
    Robotic Rise is the answer ! My cool-dude student got into this piece immediately and thoroughly enjoyed it. I can’t ask for more than that.
    And because he actually liked playing it, everything improved – rhythm, technique, interpretation. He was making music, and making both of us happy.
    Thanks, Wendy….another “winner” composition !

  5. Valerie A Evensen, NCTM

    This is a great piece for students who struggle to get out of that initial five finger position. The concepts are easy to grasp and sound SO GOOD. I’m definitely going to keep this on my list of favorites.

  6. Bonnie Haskell

    I have a 10-year-old boy who is very picky about what pieces he likes. I dread choosing and then presenting new music to him because of this. As soon as I heard Robotic Rise, I knew I didn’t have to dread this one! He loves this piece and is practicing it constantly (not sure how much his family is loving it…well, except he isn’t needing practice reminders!)… just what we want! He has already “claimed” this piece for the spring recital. Love it!

  7. Kay Carlson

    I was losing a 7th grade boy student who is a later beginner. When he heard Robotic Rise, his energy for lessons is renewed!

  8. Kim

    Thanks Wendy for this fun piece! I have lots of boys (and probably girls too!) who are going to enjoy this so much! We may have to have a drawing to see who gets to play it in the recital!!! The rhythms are fun and easy to learn and I love the way it sounds so much more advanced because of the use of so much of the keyboard. All of the pieces I’ve gotten from Wendy are favorites of mine and my students!

  9. Diane

    I haven’t used this peace yet, but when I heard Wendy play it, I knew it would be one my boy students (and maybe some girls) would enjoy playing. I hope to use it in the next few months.

  10. Irene Davison

    Hi Wendy. A big thank you for sharing your gift with the world. At the 2017 local Eisteddfod, Intune students had great fun and success with their pieces and your compositions were among the favorites with the audience and adjudicator. I have purchased Robotic Rise and others to introduce next term as this will be preparation time for the Eisteddfod in August. I now need to practice my robot voice. Thank you and may you continue to be abundantly blest.
    “The world is a richer place through Compose Create”.

  11. Heleny

    Great piece to teach young boys. My students loved it and It’s part of their repertoire for our recital and GUILD auditions. I’m always eager to check out Wendy’s new pieces. I’ve been presenting several of them as part of my students choice pieces for our music curriculum. I love how well received they are no matter what age/gender.
    It sure helps me as a piano teacher of many years to find good/interesting/level appropriate pieces to present to my students. As I see it, what keeps my students interested and focused, is the key to their success in learning and making music part of their lives.

    Thank you Wendy!

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