Lumbering King


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Lumbering King is a Rote and Reading® piece adventure and a fun glissando at the end!


Lumbering King comes in a bundle too!

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Studio Use License – This piece comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


The polar bear is indeed a Lumbering King! And this boisterous and adventurous piece captures his crooked gait as he lumbers across the frozen tundra. At the end, the bear gets closer and closer to the bay and then slides into the water in a fun glissando that is simple to do with an index card!

The 3rd piece in the Canadian Adventure Series

Lumbering King is part of the Canadian Adventure Rote and Reading piano series by Wendy StevensLumbering King is the 3rd piece in the Canadian Adventure Rote and Reading® series. This piece and its complimentary I Want Some Water and Vancouver Island Sunset are perfect for mid-elementary students who need or enjoy a little rote teaching in with their reading. Each piece is carefully patterned to be easy to remember.

Lumbering King comes with 2 bonuses to help students remember!

Teaching by rote is very effective, especially when combined with teaching students to read. But some students may not remember what to play when they practice at home. This is why using the score with little prompts written in is helpful.

But it’s also helpful to use lyrics to help them remember in what order the motives occur. So we are giving you quite a few bonuses with this studio license purchase that will help students remember and master Lumbering King at home.

With Lumbering King, you get two bonuses that will help you not only teach it more effectively but will also help students remember exactly how it goes:

  1. Two free mp3s (fast and slow version) that you may send to your students who are working on the piece. These two files come in your receipt with your purchase. Licensing only allows you to send it to students to whom you directly teach the piece.
  2. A version that includes lyrics. These lyrics have a special rhythm when you say them, so students can know which set of lyrics is first, which is second, etc., enabling them to remember the order of the piece. You can choose to use this version with them or the more clean, lyric-free version as well. But even if you don’t use the version with lyrics, you might want to familiarize yourself with the lyrics as they will help you to sing the piece while you teach it which will help the help the student remember it.

The Power of Rote and Reading® Teaching

When you combine rote teaching with teaching to read music, students are much more excited about their progress and usually stay motivated longer. This is because kids know that they can play music that is much more difficult than they can read.

Think of the way kids learn to read. They first learn to “do” the language (i.e. speak it) before they ever learn to read it. In the same way, students best learn when we show them how to “do” the piano before they learn to read the notes. For more thoughts on the value of rote teaching and how long it really takes a child to learn to read music, read: How Long Does It Take to Learn to Read Music?

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6 reviews for Lumbering King

  1. Robin Steinweg

    I plan to assign this piece to one or two students after our May recital. This should keep them motivated–like so many of your songs have a way of doing, Wendy! Thanks.

  2. Diane

    I highly recommend this piece for pupils of all ages. I’ve taught it to a retired beginner as well as to several young children. They all love playing it.

  3. Caren Worel

    My adult student beginner is so excited about this piece! He hopes to have it ready for the Spring recital.

  4. Christine OIson

    This piece was perfect for a 1st grader with mild learning challenges to prepare for a recital performance. The words were helpful for him, the patterns easy to manage and the big sound and big animal theme appealing and motivating.

  5. Nina DeKock

    I highly recommend buying Lumbering King! A student performing this at our recital began lessons this year as a 4th grader and absolutely loves this piece! I plan to have some other students learn this song, as well.

  6. Emily Laney

    Once again, you’ve written pieces that have saved my students at important times. Lumbering King was so satisfying to two of my elementary kids this week. They came back from summer break, unpracticed, but hoping to sound amazing instantly. Of course they did when they played this piece!

    Thank you for writing music kids LOVE!

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