I Want Some Water!


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I Want Some Water is a Rote and Reading® piece with a super catchy tune. Your students will love to play it over and over again!


Lumbering King comes in a bundle too!

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Studio Use License – This piece comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


Every animal’s biggest need is to find water. And animals, like the reindeer of Canada, sometimes have a hard time finding it in the harsh winters. “I Want Some Water” is a piece that practically sings itself. You’ll see exactly why it’s called “I Want Some Water” when the catchy tune gets stuck in your head!

This is the second in the Rote and Reading® series about Canada. You can find the first piece here: Vancouver Island Sunset as well as find the African Adventure series here.

I Want Some Water comes with 2 bonuses to help students remember!

One of the challenges in teaching by rote is that students sometimes don’t remember exactly what to play when they get home. Of course, that is one of the reasons it’s important to also use a score…you can put little hints like writing in the note name at the start of a new motive.

But with I Want Some Water, you get two bonuses that will help you teach it and help students remember exactly how it goes:

  1. Two free mp3s (fast and slow version) that you may send to your students who are working on the piece. These two files come in your receipt with your purchase. Licensing only allows you to send it to students to whom you directly teach the piece.
  2. A version that includes lyrics. These lyrics have a special rhythm when you say them, so students can know which set of lyrics is first, which is second, etc., enabling them to remember the order of the piece. You can choose to use this version with them or the more clean, lyric-free version as well. But even if you don’t use the version with lyrics, you might want to familiarize yourself with the lyrics as they will help you to sing the piece while you teach it which will help the help the student remember it.

The Power of Rote and Reading® Teaching

When you combine rote teaching with teaching to read music, students are much more satisfied with their progress and usually stay motivated longer. This is because kids can play music that is much more difficult than they can read. Think of the way kids learn to read. They first learn to “do” the language (i.e. speak it) before they ever learn to read it. In the same way, students best learn when we show them how to “do” the piano before they learn to read the notes. For more thoughts on the value of rote teaching and how long it really takes a child to learn to read music, read: How Long Does It Take to Learn to Read Music?

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11 reviews for I Want Some Water!

  1. Sharon

    Thanks for this fun new piece. I can tell it will be a hit with students and I like your clever use of patterns. Since I received it today I used it as a Sight-Reading piece for an older student and they even enjoyed it. Thanks from Canada, Sharon

  2. Cynthia Whalen

    I have a student who struggles with reading due to vision impairment. She absolutely loves this piece! When she first saw the notes: “Mrs. Whalen! This is hard!” When I showed her the patterns: “Oh!” When she was leaving after her lesson, she was singing – “I Want Some Water!” and completely energized. Now that’s a teacher-helping piece!


    I gave this to a boy today and he looked at it …..then looked at me like I was nuts! I asked him what was wrong and he said, “I can play this next year but not now!”
    I promised him he’d be able to….we worked on the first two pages. When he was leaving he said it was his favorite song ever. So precious. What a great piece to give a student a little self-confidence!!

  4. Melissa Toedtman

    All of the music of yours that I have used has been an instant hit! The clear patterns , lots of pedal, big sound, clever lyrics ( The Booger Song and I Want Some Water, especially) are masterfully composed for maximum fun and learning. Patterns going all over the piano are a great boost to early note readers. I like your use of perfect 4ths which are tricky for little ones to read. I say , ” Brava ” to you and “Thank you” for your fine work. I give your music five stars! *****

  5. Janet Ringstmeyer

    I love all of Wendy’s music and so do my students! I have just started using I Want Some Water and it is a big hit already. I will have older kids sight read it for fun. My all time favorites are Bold Escape and A Distant Blue.They are just what my students need. It’s so good for kids to be able to move around the keyboard and to sound more advanced than they really are, plus because they love the music they practice more!

  6. Austin

    Such a fantastic song! It sounds like a “real” song, but when you teach it, it’s amazingly simple! I turned it into a duet that my student siblings loved to play. https://youtu.be/auun7VcPHII Thanks Wendy!

  7. Lori Jessen

    This is a fabulous piece! My beginners all love to learn this piece. They are excited to see the patterns and realize how easy it is to play something that sounds so good.

  8. Anissa

    The second grader I purchased this for absolutely loved it from the get go! It is a perfect recital piece for a student who wants to sound sophisticated.

  9. Trudi

    My recital theme this year is “Music through the Year”, and we have songs that “represent” the four seasons. This song is going in the “summer” column of songs, because here in the South (I’m in Georgia), it’s terribly hot in the summer, and we need lots of water! The beginning student, a boy, that is practicing this piece loves it! He thought he wouldn’t be able to have it ready for the recital – but he now plays through the entire piece, and the recital is still two weeks away! He is SO excited about playing it. Thank you, Wendy, for providing fun, motivating pieces for beginners (and especially boys) to practice and perform.

  10. Barbara

    I thought I’d share with you my experience with ” I Want Some Water”. When I first heard you play it, I just knew that Charlie would love to play this piece. He is a third grader who is working on his reading skills. He took one look at it and thought he would never be able to figure it out. Then I showed him the patterns and he caught on right away. He loved playing that piece and put a lot of energy into his performance. I read the words to the audience first so they would have some idea what was going on with the dynamics and the rhythms. It was so much fun. Thank you so much for all the music you have written and shared with us teachers. I don’t know where you find the time to do all that you do, but I can certainly see that you love what you do.

  11. Tanis Cowan

    I WANT SOME WATER is definitely a great rote teaching piece. Easy for me as a teacher as this is a relatively new concept for me to be trying out. And a real student saver. I finally look forward to my weekly lesson with a student has who has struggled so much with reading and they too are finally getting enjoyment out of their lesson. Thank you Wendy!

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