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Hava Nagila with Rhythm Cups (for WMMTA)

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Hava Nagila with Rhythm Cups is a Rhythm Cup Explorations™ piano solo with 3 levels of cup tapping choreography – all of which go together for a rousing performance! Included in your purchase are the piano music, 3 levels of cup-tapping choreography, a conductor’s score, and slow and at-tempo tracks of the piano performance so that you can use these to help your students practice the cup tapping choreography. You will also receive access to videos to help you know how to do the cup tapping (see below).

Video and training: You will  receive access to the special cup-tapping training video for WMMTA teachers once you have purchased the music. This will demonstrate how the cup tapping goes with the piano music. You will receive an email separate from your order receipt about how to access these training videos.

Studio Use License – This comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!

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This exciting arrangement of Hava Nagila with Rhythm Cups was commissioned by the Wichita Metropolitan Music Teachers Association for their multi-keyboard festival in 2020. This piece contains a intermediate to late intermediate piano solo, 3 levels of cup tapping choregraphy that can all be performed at one time, and one conductors score. This epic arrangement is carefully composed with Rhythm Cup Explorations™ choreography to excite your beginning, intermediate, and even late intermediate students about rhythm and performing.

Hava Nagila is the first Rhythm Cup Explorations piece that is specifically composed to allow all 3 levels of cup tapping choreography to be performed at one time or you can also just choose one. Both ways will sound and look fantastic!

Hava Nagila with Rhythm Cups includes:

This Hava Nagila arrangement includes all of the items listed below. You will get links to each of these resources within seconds of your order being completed:

  • A Mid to Late Intermediate piano solo arrangement
  • Level 1 cup tapping routine choreographed for the arrangement
  • Level 2 cup tapping routine choreographed for the arrangement
  • Level 3 cup tapping routine choreographed for the arrangement
  • 2 tempos of piano tracks to use with your students as they learn the cup tapping choregraphy
  • After your purchase, you’ll also get a separate email about 3 training videos that you can use these to help you learn the cup-tapping techniques. You can also use these to help your students learn as well.

What does the studio license mean?

This package comes with a Studio License which licenses you to make as many prints as you need for students that you directly teach for your lifetime of teaching! Each teacher needs their own license. But this means that you can perform this piece multiple times (perhaps with different levels in different years) and never have to purchase the music again.

How can I use Hava Nagila creativity?

The sky’s the limit with what you can do with Hava Nagila with Cup Tapping. It was obviously composed so that you can perform it in a Monster Concert (imagine all students cup tapping at once…not just a certain level). But you could also perform it at a recital, for a school program, at a mall to help advertise for lessons…the sky’s the limit!

Note that if any other teachers wish their students to perform it with you, each teacher with students performing will need to purchase their own license of the piece.

Do we need to perform all 3 levels of Hava Nagila at once?

No, you certainly don’t have to! While they were composed to work together (should you want that), they also work splendidly separately. For example, you could just choose the Level 2 cup tapping choreography to use with the piano arrangement and it will sound fantastic. You do not need the other levels to sound “full.”

If you do want to cup tap all 3 levels together as an ensemble, just use different sized cups for your different levels. We recommend:

  • Level 1 – 10 oz cups for Level 1 and stack two together with 2 pieces of scotch tape on the end. This will make them stronger (for those younger students) and also give them a slightly different timbre than the level 2 students.
  • Levle 2 – 10 oz cups
  • Level 3 – 16 oz cups

This is important to keep the timbres different so it doesn’t sound like cup tapping cacophony since the rhythms are slightly different.


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