Escape from Donegal Castle

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Everyone loves Irish music! And the studio license of this comes with both elementary and intermediate versions!


An Irish Celebration with Escape From Donegal CastleFor more savings, click here to buy the discounted Irish bundle!

Bonus: Choose the Studio Use License to get both the intermediate AND the elementary version of Escape from Donegal Caslte as well as licensing to allow you to make as many prints as you ever need for students you directly teach!


Imagine the adventure of escaping from a mysterious castle full of hidden passages in Ireland! Your students will love the energy and mystery in this adventurous sounding Irish piano piece. But the great thing for you as the teacher is the opportunity to present “Escape in Donegal Castle in both a 6/8 meter OR a 3/4 meter.

Bonus with studio license purchase

If you order the studio license, you get an additional mid-elementary version for one price! This version is notated in simple triple meter for those students whose fingers can play this piece, but whose minds are scared by the 6/8 meter.

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8 reviews for Escape from Donegal Castle

  1. Diange Jones

    I love this new easy student-motivating piece of yours! Purchased studio license and started my kids yesterday on it.

  2. Claire Westlake

    I just shared this with 2 students that are waiting to be picked up and they said: “That’s the best song I have ever heard!”

  3. Julie Duda

    My freshman high schooler was ready to quit taking piano lessons, and he loved this piece. He learned it in one week and his mother told me that he plays the piano so much now, she has thought about telling him not to play so much!

  4. Sarah Martin

    “Escape from Donegal Castle” has been a lifesaver. I assigned it to a 15 year old boy two weeks ago who had not practiced in at least six months. I assigned that and a short Bartok piece. I had an e-mail from his mother that he had already practiced 45 minutes the evening after his lesson!

  5. Jennifer Flores

    I love that Donegal Castle is written out in both simple and compound meter. It has been a wonderful teaching tool to let students learn the “easy” version, then whip out the 6/8 version, and realize they can play it; a phenomenal exercise not only in ear training and theory, but also a boost for students who look at a piece and assume it’s just TOO HARD! I also appreciate that part of the piece is written in notes easily recognizable to late elementary students, with other sections that force some out of their comfort zones, reading different notes.

    Thank you again, Wendy!

  6. Mary Majerus

    Wendy, the students loved working on this new piece before we performed at an assisted living facility March 18th. The residents tapped their toes and clapped to the rhythm with us and the kids said the piece makes them want to do some river dance steps. The piece does look intimidating to those moving into intermediate, but you do an outstanding job of using simple and compound rhythms, easy note reading mixed with more difficult so it is more doable for younger students. Bold Escape and Distant Blue are pieces that have helped students learn to create great tone quality by dropping boldly into forte notes or gently into those mysterious passages. They love being more musical!!

  7. Nancy Repass

    My students are so excited to play this piece and the others I purchased and are practicing hard which pleases me. This is an exceptional piece and fun to play. I rate it a 5. Thanks for your help in making my students want to practice.

  8. Kerri

    I LOVE this piece!

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