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Bundle: Unicorn Gliding + Fanfare for the Courageous

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This discounted bundle of early to mid elementary pieces has both a bold a triumphant piece and a smooth and peaceful piece. All doable for the beginning piano student!



Studio Use License – This piece comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


These two early elementary pieces are comfortably positioned but give the beginning student the big sound they crave. Unicorn Gliding is a serene and flowing piece which sounds beautiful and full. The Fanfare for the Courageous is bold and majestic sounding but still easy to play. 

Levels and features of this bundle:

Quarter notes notes and half notes make up the rhythms in Unicorn Gliding. The pieces is made up entirely of skips within the hands, so it’s a great reinforcement of intervallic reading. The LH crosses over the RH in a number of places, but always in the same way and on the same note, making it easy to master. The pedal is held down throughout the entire piece.

Fanfare for the Courageous’s rhythms include only quarter, half and dotted half notes. The pieces is made up entirely of steps, skips and repeats. The student moves 8va in sections to help them be more comfortable moving around the piano. The pedal is held throughout and there are beautiful, impressive moments that any beginning student will crave.

Bonus included!

Yes, with this bundle you also get the bonus unicorn coloring sheet that goes with Unicorn Gliding.

What is a studio license?

The studio license that comes with both of these ComposeCreate pieces licenses the purchasing teacher to print as many copies as needed or any student they directly teach. So it is like getting an unlimited supply of this Music Kids Love® for yourself and your students. This is not a multi-teacher license, so it can only be used by one teacher. However, the music and bonus can be used by as many students as the purchasing teacher directly instructs on a regular basis.

You can see more elementary music with a studio license here!

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1 review for Bundle: Unicorn Gliding + Fanfare for the Courageous

  1. Suzanne Taitte

    I love the way Wendy can make the simplest piece, with very few note changes, sound so big and beautiful and modern to the ears of the littles. I am currently teaching “Unicorn Gliding” to a gifted little girl who rarely practices, but who loves this piece because it is about a unicorn. She even wears shoes that have unicorn horns sticking up from them. Thanks, Wendy, for know what we need.

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