A Royal Invitation


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A Royal Invitation gives elementary piano students music that sounds BIG, but without difficult-to-read music.


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A Royal Invitation gives elementary piano students music that sounds BIG, but without difficult to read music. Students in the first few years of lessons are often embarrassed to play their elementary music because it sounds, well, elementary. As a result, they are often unmotivated to practice.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Students can now get that mature and impressive sound with A Royal Invitation! This easy piano solo is full of easy to play patterns, easy pedal, simple hand crossings, uses the deep sounds of the piano. This grand piece is just the right pick for an adult, teen, or child student who needs something mature, impressive, and imaginative.

If you have doubts, please read what piano teachers say in the reviews!

What is the level of A Royal Invitation?

This piece is mid-elementary level. The smallest note value is a quarter notes. There are no eighth notes in the piece. The piece is carefully crafted to be patterned, but not sound predictable. There are simple left hand over right hand crossing along with one long, damper pedal.

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7 reviews for A Royal Invitation

  1. Jeananne

    I am using The Bold Escape, Amazing Grace, and Royal Invitation with my beginning college students! Mostly young men, and they LOVE them.

  2. Julie Atkins

    I introduced “A Royal Invitation” to a 7-year-old who loves to play the piano. He was captivated! All he wanted to do was keep playing it!

  3. Tess Orozco

    Kids are definitely enjoying A Royal Invitation — you’ve got another hit!

  4. Julie Atkins

    Then I introduced it to a 15-year-old. He has only primer skills and wants to play jazz. He was all smiles and seemed to really appreciate that it was more appropriate to his level than the simplistic primer pieces.

  5. Marcie

    I’ve already assigned ROYAL INVITATION to a student. She loves it and it will be a stunning part of our Spring Recital.

  6. Mandy

    I gave this piece to a student of mine who has Dyslexia – the recurring patterns made this so much easier for her to learn and play, as she has difficulties with deciphering the written music. I recently held a formal recital in a beautiful old mansion with a Steinway Concert Grand Piano – this student very proudly opened the recital with a fantastic performance of A Royal Invitation! Absolutely perfect for such an occasion!
    Thank you so much Wendy for helping me to give both my student and I such a memorable and positive experience!

  7. Renee McKee

    The Bold Escape and A Royal invitation have inspired my beginners who want to PLAY BIG on the piano. You really understand the hybrid magic of patterned rote and solid reading, Wendy! Thank you for providing these great pieces for our students!

    Also, I love your purchase-licensing model. What an incentive to buy your music! The way you handle your customers is beautiful and caring.

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