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While these items are not music, they will help your students to play ALL music more rhythmically accurate. In addition, these very popular reproducible books are one of the hottest selling items in the ComposeCreate portfolio and will produce long lasting benefits in each of your students.

Rhythm Menagerie


Rhythm Menagerie is an exciting, reproducible PDF resource that features fun and intriguing activities to explore new rhythmic concepts. Rhythm Menagerie is much more than just a set of your typical clapping exercises! Each unit showcases a unique animal and often incorporates some of the fun antics of that animal in the student’s activities. This reproducible curriculum is designed to take away distractions like note reading so that students can focus on learning new rhythms. The 92 page PDF resource is designed to be a comprehensive approach to teaching and practicing rhythm and can be used alongside any method.

Watch this video and visit the Rhythm Menagerie Page to see samples and read more about it.

Rhythm Manipulations

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Rhythm Manipulations is the second book in the Reproducible Rhythm Explorations series and picks up right where Rhythm Menagerie left off. Rhythm Manipulations is designed to appeal to more mature students such as pre-teens and teens as it explores more advanced rhythmic concepts. Each unit showcases original contemporary art which visually represents the rhythmic concept in the unit. The older student will enjoy investigating how the visual and aural rhythms intersect. Most especially, they will enjoy the rhythmic activities that are appropriate to their age and interests.

Watch this short video about Rhythm Manipulations and visit the Rhythm Manipulations Page for samples and more information.

Rhythm Cup Explorations

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Rhythm Cup Explorations is a supplement to both the Menagerie and Manipulations books. It is designed to simply be FUN and outrageously popular. I’ve been told that students take these rhythms and activities to the playgrounds of their schools and practice with their friends they are so fun! Remember though that this is just a supplement and is not intended to be comprehensive. But it is guaranteed fun and can be used with 4 year old beginners as well as advanced students.

Watch this short video about Rhythm Cup Explorations and then visit the Rhythm Cup Explorations Page to see even more videos!

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